Fox Puppet Printable Template

Who is willing to play puppets with a fox? This Fox Puppet printable isn’t just a fox, it’s adorable and fun to play with!

You also won’t believe how easy this fox is to assemble. Stay tuned because you and your kids are about to have hours of fun!

Printable Fox Puppet Craft Paper for Kids

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When you can create your own imaginative play, it’s a great feeling. Children need to be able to use their imagination while playing and this fox puppet does just that.

How to make a fox puppet

What you need:

  • printable template
  • markers, crayons, or colored pencils
  • glue
  • drag


  • orange paper
  • drag
  • glue
  • sharp eyes

Instructions step by step

The steps to make this DIY fox puppet are very simple!

You’ll start by printing out the template.

If you’re not using a template, you’ll follow the same instructions, using only construction paper for the body.

Once you print out the template, the coloring and creating can begin.

Make sure you color the extras too!

Start cutting things out.

Go ahead and fold the puppet body of the pattern.

You can fold it by following the dotted lines.

Continue following the dotted lines!

More dotted fold lines.

Go ahead and start gluing on the line that says glue.

Make sure you don’t miss any glue stains.

As you can see, the paper will move up and down.

You can start folding it accordion style. Go ahead and slide those cute little fox arms inside the folded fox.

Now you can start gluing on the ears.

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As you can see the puppet is very adorable and you can control it by sticking 2-4 fingers in the upper pocket and your thumb in the lower pocket.

Now your child can spend hours playing pretend with his puppet. Take turns to see who can sing their fox puppet voice best.

Fox puppet printable

This fox puppet print is adorable and really brings a lot of joy. Children of all ages can enjoy it!

Fox puppet craft printable

Get the fox hand puppet

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