Free Printable Heart Templates

Spread the love with our free printable heart templates; You or your kids can create all kinds of beautiful crafts or art projects with these lines. These templates are canvases for your child’s creativity, allowing them to make all kinds of cards or heart-shaped crafts.

Use the borders as coloring pages, use them to make various Valentine’s Day crafts to decorate your home or classroom, etc.

These heart templates are free to download as handy PDF files, and we’ve created different shapes so you can find the right one for your project.

Free printable heart template

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, now is the perfect time to plan a series of heart-shaped crafts. With these printable heart borders, making a heart-themed project is easy.

Do you need some creative ideas? Here are some suggestions for making the most of our free printable star templates.

  • print our hearts on cardboard and ask children to personalize the hearts by adding glitter eyes and drawing other facial features
  • Use hearts as stencils to create all kinds of colorful art
  • Have kids use dots and decorate their hearts; This is a fun fine motor activity

Free printable heart template to download

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Giant heart pattern

With 8 different designs, you’ll find just the sketch for your project. These stencils are great for making wreaths, window decorations, canvases for children to color or draw, etc.

Extra large heart border for crafts

A little smaller but still extra large, these prints are great for projects where you want to put on a letter-sized sheet of paper. Great for all types of crafts to make in the classroom and display on walls.

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Large Heart Border

Two large hearts on each sheet of paper are perfect for making large cards and other crafts. A fun idea for kids is to bring these doodles to life by adding silly eyes and faces.

Average border

Perfect for making Valentine’s Day cards and large wreaths.


Even smaller hearts are for all kinds of projects you or your kids make.

Very small

With 6 designs per sheet, they can be used in a variety of projects.


The smallest size is 12 designs per sheet of paper.

Mixed sizes

Sometimes your project requires different scales; This is where these templates shine.

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