Frog on a Lily Pad Craft

Have your kids make a Frog on a Lily craft – it would be perfect for spring and kids will love how it turns out.

With just a few necessary tools, your amphibian will be ready in no time.

Frog on Lily Pad Craft

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If you want to learn How to Draw a Frog, we also have a step-by-step tutorial for you.

DIY frog on Lily Pad Spring Craft

We love frogs – you can tell by the amount of frog crafts we have on our site.

Today we will show you how to make a funny frog on a water lily that happily sticks out its tongue.

DIY frog on Lily Pad Craft

We make our frogs green, but not all frogs are green – you already know that.

So you can make your frog any color you want and share it with us afterwards – we’ll be happy to see it!

How to make frog crafts on Lily Pad

What you need:

  • printable template (optional)
  • cardboard (dark green and brown)
  • colored paper (blue, pink, red)
  • round awl
  • White paper
  • two big round eyes
  • compass
  • glue
  • drag
  • white marker
  • The ruler is circular
  • pencil

Materials used

Be crafty!

Step-by-step instructions

Lily Pad

Draw a circle with a diameter of 16 cm on dark blue cardboard.

Step 1

Cut out circles and triangles to create lily pads.

Step 2

Take a white marker and decorate it.

Step 3


Draw a strip measuring 1 x 12 cm on dark blue cardboard.

Step 4

Cut the strip of paper and make a fold at one end of it.

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Step 5

Apply some glue on it and stick the fabric strip on the lily piece.

Take scissors and sharpen the other end of the strip.

Step 6

Draw an oval on brown cardstock.

Step 7-1

Cut it out.

Step 7-2

Glue the oval onto the green strip and make sure the pointed part sticks out. Our Reedmace is now complete.

Reinforce the green strip (stem) with another piece of green cardboard if it doesn’t stay upright and is bent.

Step 9

Decorate the reed with a white marker as shown.

Step 10


First, we need to cut out a green rectangle measuring 7 x 15 cm.

Step 11

Make a roll and glue its ends together.

Step 12

Stick the paper roll in the middle of the lily pad.

Step 13

Draw two strips measuring 1 x 13 cm on green paper.

Step 14-0

Cut them out.

Step 14-1

Create the frog’s legs and feet by folding two strips as shown.

Step 15

Glue the legs inside the roll and the legs onto the lily piece.

Step 15-1

Punch two green circles to form the frog’s eyes.

Step 16

Fold a small portion of the green circle.

Step 17

Stick them on the frog’s body.

Step 17-1

Draw two circles (smaller than the green ones) on the white paper.

Step 18

Cut them out.

Step 18-1

Glue them onto the green circles.

Step 18-2

Take the big eyes and attach them to the white circles.

Step 19

Now punch out a red circle.

Step 20

Fold a small part of it,

Step 21

Stick it on the frog like a tongue.

Step 21

Draw two small circles on pink paper.

Step 22

Cut them out.

Step 22-1

Stick them on the frog for cheeks.

Step 22-2

Clack, clack!

DIY frog on Lily Pad paper

All has been done!

Frog on Lily Pad Spring Craft

Is this an easy and fun craft to assemble?

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Lily Pad frog craft ideas

Get your frog on Lily Pad Craft pattern here

Frog on Lily Pad Craft

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