Printable Elephant Coloring Pages – 30 Sheets

Explore the incredible world of gentle giants with our Printable Elephant Coloring Pages. From cute elephants to realistic elephants, we have it all. Simple and complex, with tons of free elephant coloring pages to print.

Are your colored pencils on standby? Let’s color!

Elephant coloring pages printable

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Elephant coloring pages printable

If these aren’t enough, don’t worry; We have a huge library of Coloring Pages for Kids that you can print.

We also have a short tutorial on How to Draw an Elephant for all the little artists who want to learn how to draw.

Free printable elephant coloring pages

You can start the fun with this collection of free printable elephant coloring pages.

Adult elephant

Elephant coloring page

We have a fun coloring page for kids – a smart, gentle giant is waiting to get some color. Ask your child to color the page using markers, crayons, or colored pencils.


The elephant is curious

Have young artists color in this adorable page featuring a cute baby elephant.

Baby elephant coloring sheet

Small elephant

This baby elephant is wearing a cute hat with the word “boy” written on it.

Enjoy in the shade

Cute elephant coloring page

We think our sitting baby elephant is patiently waiting to be colored! This cute animal would look great if they used some bright and bold colors.

Simple elephant coloring page

Easy elephant coloring pages

Are you looking for the perfect elephant coloring page for your kids who are exploring the world of coloring?

The water splashes

Elephant on the beach

Have children carefully add color to each part of this peaceful scene with an elephant on the beach splashing water around with its trunk.

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Happy River

Cute free elephant coloring pages

The elephant in this coloring picture has playful movements in the water. Standing on the riverbank, surrounded by bushes and pebbles, with the river gently flowing right beside him, he is ready to dye!


Easy elephant coloring pages

So what do we have here? A baby elephant is smiling cutely with a bush in the background.

Mother elephant and baby elephant

Elephant family coloring sheet

These two elephants are wandering in the wilds of Africa. If your child loves realistic illustrations then this coloring sheet will be perfect for practicing different coloring techniques and adding nuance to their bodies.

Baby elephant is sleepy

The baby elephant is taking a nap

This baby elephant is currently sleeping on a pile of hay.

Member’s elephant coloring page

See a preview of what else awaits you in our full collection of different elephant designs.

This entire set is exclusive to our members.

By becoming a member, you will have full and unlimited access to all the content in our library, which is regularly expanded.

Realistic adult elephant

Adult elephant coloring

Elephants are usually gray and brown, but when it comes to coloring pages, they can be any color your child chooses. Let the kids have fun with this big giant elephant using their best coloring supplies.

In the jungle

Explore the jungle

Want another detailed elephant coloring page? Our giant friend, the elephant, roams noisily and proudly through the jungle.

Large tusks

Elephants have large tusks

We have designed a fun coloring page with a realistic illustration of an adult elephant for children to enjoy.

Enjoy elephant life

Cartoon elephant coloring sheet

Have kids grab their favorite coloring supplies and let their imaginations run wild as they bring this coloring page to life.

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At the Riverbank

Elephant family coloring page

This is a heartwarming coloring page for little ones to color! Adult and baby elephants hold their trunks together as if holding hands.

The baby elephant smiled

Easy elephant coloring pages

This elephant’s design includes large coloring areas and is perfect for young children to learn to color. The cute animal sits patiently, watching to see what color your child will choose.

Far away dream

Elephants sleep on clouds

What a peaceful scene! This dreamy elephant depicts the peace of this moment.

Easy elephant coloring sheet

Elephant coloring sheet for Pre-K

Do you need another easy to color elephant coloring sheet?

Elephant & Butterfly

Elephant and butterfly coloring page

What a perfect elephant coloring page for those who love nature and animals.


Savannah sunset coloring page

Our elephant is walking on the beautiful savannah – what color do you think your child will use? Maybe brown, gray or even pink?

Happy time

Happy day for an elephant

We have another fun elephant coloring page to share! With its long trunk and big ears, this majestic animal will win the hearts of all little ones.

Elephant Bond

Mother elephant and baby elephant

Kids can unleash their imagination and bring this mother and baby elephant to life by giving them a little color. They can add details and show off their artistic skills by adding a prairie background.

Wearing bow

Cute elephant coloring page

What color do children usually choose to color the elephant? We bet they will choose the right color to color this adorable giant.

Rainy day

Hold an umbrella

This charming coloring page is sure to brighten up any rainy day. This page features an elephant holding an umbrella with its trunk, despite the rain!

elephant girl

Young elephant girl

Get out those coloring supplies because this page will be a hit with kids! Have the children color a cute baby elephant wearing a hat.

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Among the Palm Trees

Elephant on the beach

Oh, what a delightful sight! A cute elephant stands on the sand with pebbles between two tall palm trees.

Easy elephant coloring pages for toddlers

Elephant head coloring page

The lines in our next elephant coloring pages are simple and easy to follow, so your child can follow the lines while coloring the majestic animal.

Happy birthday

Elephant With Balloons

The following elephant coloring page encourages children to develop patience and concentration.

Pick flowers

Elephant hugs flowers

We have another adorable elephant for your young artist to color.

Happiness With Butterflies

Illustration of elephants and butterflies in color

Some elephants live in large forests and our baby elephant is just starting to realize how exciting that is! The delightful elephant coloring page, featuring an elephant sitting on a log, with a delicate butterfly perched on its nose, is sure to provide hours of coloring fun.

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Elephant coloring sheet

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