20 Halloween Rock Painting Ideas

Like to collect rocks and love Halloween? You’ll love our Halloween rock painting ideas; With just the right ideas for you and your kids to make, there are plenty of projects you can add to your “art to-do” list.

Rock painting is a fun hobby for adults and children – some paint it for themselves, some paint it for others to find, both are equally interesting. What makes this art activity great is that it can be suitable for all ages, you can create cute ghosts with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners or you can Create more complex Halloween rock paintings with older kids.

20 Halloween rock painting ideas

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Getting Started – What supplies do you need?

You will need small drawings of nature – stones. The smoother the better, but you can really work with any type. In fact, the more asymmetrical the shape, the more creative you can be. If you don’t have easy access to natural stones, you can also buy them at craft or garden stores.

You can use different types of paint, acrylic paints are the gold standard as they are waterproof but you can use any other type of paint and with the help of gloss or matte paint seal them.

We highly recommend you try acrylic markers/pen as they will allow you to create detailed designs with ease. Kids will also love the chalk markers.

Halloween rock painting ideas

Without further ado, here are some of our best Halloween rock painting ideas for you or your kids to make.


Almost like mandalas but perfect for Halloween. Paint the stone with black paint. Let it dry. Draw a spider web on the stone with a gel pen (you will need to seal it afterwards), with an acrylic marker, or with a fine brush.

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Jack-o-Lanterns and pumpkins

One of the easiest and most fun Halloween painted rock ideas is definitely jack-o-lantern painting and pumpkin painting rocks. Paint the rocks orange and then create art with a black marker. Easy as pie!


One of the easiest rock painting ideas for Halloween, especially if kids are the ones doing the project, is rock ghosts. All you need to do is paint the rocks with white paint and then get creative with a black acrylic pen (or black Sharpie marker).

Ghost rock paint

Silly monster

There are no limits when it comes to creating monster-painted rocks. Any shape of stone is perfect! Choose one or two colors for the body, paint the body and let it dry. Now get creative with silly faces and different colors to add body parts… The sky is the limit (your stone size is but you know what we mean).


Although you can turn any rock into a witch, triangular rocks are the best!


Wincy Incy spiders are perfect for Halloween and they pair beautifully with rock-painted spider webs. Paint a rock one color (black is cool, but you may need more than one coat of paint on top for it to really stand out, depending on the brand). Once the base coat is dry, paint the spider on top. Chalk markers really stand out here, but you’ll need to apply a coat or two of varnish to set the chalk paint and keep it from rubbing off.

Scary eyes

You won’t be able to stop doing these things once you start. They are amazing and perfect to make for Halloween. Find round or oval stones and paint them with white paint. Draw the iris any color you want and red veins running out from the iris. So easy. Adding gloss is a must with this one (not really) as it gives the stones a glassy look. Spooky and fun.

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owl. owl

Owls are super fun to make for Halloween and all you need to draw to create one is big round eyes and a beak. Additionally, any interesting pattern will make your owl look like an owl.

candy corn

Halloween is one of the sweetest holidays of the year, yes it’s all spooky and scary, but it’s also about trick-or-treating and delicious candy. Candy corn is one of the most recognizable treats associated with this holiday, so it made sense to make Halloween-painted rocks look like candy corn. When you paint them, start with the lightest colors first and gradually move to darker colors, waiting for the paint to dry before moving on to the next color.

Haunted house

Create small masterpieces by painting a larger rock yellow, letting it dry, then painting a haunted mansion on top. We recommend that you sketch the house in pencil before moving on to drawing it. Using an acrylic pen for this project is best.


Find a dark stone or paint a stone with darker paint as a background. Draw a skeleton with a white acrylic pen. Chalk pens are also great for this, but you will need to repaint your rock painting with gloss paint.


You can draw bats directly onto rocks, or you can make rock bats with wings with just a little construction paper.

Bat rock art

Yarn monster

You can do more than just use paint when decorating your Halloween rocks. If you have scrap yarn, you can make the most amazing yarn-wrapped rock monsters.

Rock monster

cat silhouette

Silhouette patterns are perfect for Halloween, and cat patterns are one of the most popular.

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Another cool idea is to make small mummy rocks. Start by painting the rocks with white paint. Let the paint dry. Draw a pair of eyes (yellow looks cool). Draw black lines with a Sharpie marker or with an acrylic pen.

Cute and colorful ghosts

Halloween painted rocks don’t have to be dark and spooky, they can be cute and colorful too. Paint the rock a light color and let the paint dry. Paint a blob white and add eyes and mouth using a black acrylic pen. To make it look even more vivid, draw a few white swirls next to the ghosts (white acrylic pens are great for this).


Either paint the stones white and work from there or just use natural colors and adorn the stones with a pair of eyes, a nose and a set of teeth. Add a few white dots for fun.

Halloween tree

This is one of our favorite Halloween painted rock ideas. Find a large round rock and paint one side orange, yellow, or red (perfect colors for Halloween). Let it dry. Paint the other side black, and also paint around the red, yellow or orange oval/circle you painted. Next, take a black acrylic pen and start drawing the tree. Round off some branches. Alternatively, paint the stars white or yellow.

Sunset bat

Bats are also great when it comes to sunsets and silhouette art.


Great for fall or for Halloween.

20 Halloween rock painting ideas for kids

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