20+ Bat Crafts for Kids

Fall time is bat time. Browse our collection of the best bat crafts for kids; You’ll find ideas for all ages whether you’re looking for bat crafts for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, or even for yourself. We have it all!

These projects will brighten up rainy afternoons or make a great bat-themed classroom activity – for Halloween or when you’re teaching children about bats in general.

More than 20 bat crafts for kids

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Bat Crafts for Kids – Ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and more

If you’re a parent or teacher, you’re probably always looking for fun and cute bat activities to do with your kids during Halloween. Bats are after all one of the most fun (and easy) Halloween crafts, and they can be made from almost any material. We have lots of ideas to share with you, including a variety of techniques and materials so you’re sure to find the right project to do with your kids.


first. Paper bowl

Make your own paper plates and handmade bowls

Paint the paper with black paint, cut out the wings, feet and triangles for ears from black paper and you’re halfway done.

Watch our step-by-step guide to making a paper bat.

2. Handmade Paper Bats

Paper Bat Craft for Kids

One of the coolest paper bats you or your kids will ever make! Create a paper ball from paper strips, add wings and sparkling eyes and this little nocturnal creature is ready to hang as a decoration.

See full instructions.

3. Handprint Halloween scene

If your local dollar store (or similar type of store) has a bat-shaped paper punch, you can simply create this awesome scene. Paint a yellow or orange circle for the moon or tree canopy. Draw lines around your hand and paint the outline black. Make a bunch of paper bats with the paper bat punch. Glue them onto the canvas (add glue only to the body so the wings don’t stick).

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4. Paper Bat Bracelets

Why not combine it with bats? Print out our bat (and other Halloween-themed) bracelets and wear them proudly.

See all Halloween Paper Bracelets

5. Bat corner bookmark

Cute bat corner bookmark

Calling all origami and book lovers! Turn a sheet of origami paper into a great bookmark that will help you remember your books.

See step-by-step instructions for folding bat bookmarks.

6. Bat Silhouette Art

Halloween bat silhouette art ideas

Bats are the perfect subject for creating silhouette art.

See the instructions here.

7. Easy paper bats

Simple paper craft ideas

This is one of the easiest ways to turn paper into cute little bats. All you need is white paper, black paper, scissors and glue. And googly eye stickers (optional).

See instructions for using paper bats here.

8. Paper Rose Bowl

Rosette Bat paper craft ideas for kids

Decorate your home or classroom with these easy to make rose paper bats. The first dish can be a little tricky to make, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze.

Learn how to make paper roses.

9. Bat jointed doll

Print our template and turn a sheet of paper into an articulated doll using just a few pins. Your little one will love playing with it.

And we don’t just have one bat model here.

ten. Paper bats fold fans

Easy Folding Paper Bat Craft

Create a night scene by cutting a large circle from yellow paper for the moon and pasting it onto a darker sheet of paper. Fold two sheets of black paper (valley fold and mountain fold), sandwich them in the middle to make a bow, and stick it on the bat’s head. Super cute.

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11. Ice cream bat

Handmade bats

If your kids are busy collecting ice cream sticks throughout the summer (which they sacrifice by eating all that delicious ice cream), they can turn them into cool-looking bats. Have children paint ice cream sticks black and cut wings from black paper. Combine the two, add glitter eyes and draw a mouth and you’re done.

twelfth. Easy bat craft pattern

Halloween bat craft

This activity is perfect as a Halloween activity to do in the classroom. Grab a sample (not just a stick) and get crafting with your kids.

Get these Halloween craft templates.

13. Painted terracotta pots

If you want to make bat crafts with kids for a useful purpose, make these adorable painted terracotta pots.

See all Halloween clay pot ideas

14. Painted stone

Bat rock art

If you love rock painting ideas and bats then this is the one for you. Although making a bat out of just rocks is a bit tricky since you’ll need to find the perfectly shaped rock, it’s possible with just a little extra paper.

See how to make a pet stone bat.

15. Easy bat puppets

Bat puppet printable template

A piece of black paper can easily be turned into an extremely funny bat puppet.

See urgent instructions.

16. Moving doll

Movable bat-shaped paper doll for children

This fun template will help you create the coolest moving bat doll. Pull the string and make the wings flap gently.

Get the free printable template

17. Toilet paper roll bat

Bat Craft toilet paper rolls

18. Painted pumpkins

Bat pumpkin painting ideas

No carving pumpkins are fun and they are safe for children. You can turn a pumpkin into many things, one of which is a bat.

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19. Bat footprints

Artistic bat footprints

Footprint and handprint crafts are really great when working with young children and when your goal is to create a fun little keepsake.

See how to make bat footprints.

20. Electric charge meter

Are you familiar with agamographs and is it easy to make your own?

Learn how to make this here.

21. Torn paper collage

Bat Tearing Paper Art

A great craft you can do with the kids, especially if you do other paper crafts, is this torn paper collage. It’s a great way to use up all that scrap paper.

See other Halloween torn paper art ideas

22. Halloween paper roses

How to make paper roses for Halloween

You already know how to make paper roses, so this will be very easy.

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