Gorgeous Flower Paper Plate Craft

If you’re looking for a colorful spring craft to make with your kids that’s easy to make – make this gorgeous floral paper plate craft!

All you need is a paper plate or cardboard cut into circles, colorful paper, scissors, glue and green paint.

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With nature waking up outside, it’s the perfect time to do some spring crafts with your kids. This particular project is perfect for little hands because it only requires some basic techniques.

How to make beautiful paper flower plates

What you need:

  • Paper plates or cardboard cut into large circles
  • colorful paper – any color will do; Our favorite choices are orange, pink, red, and purple
  • drag
  • glue
  • painted green
  • paint brush
  • Optional: pom poms, dried flowers or anything else to place in the center of the flower

Step-by-step instructions

Start by drawing a sheet of paper.

If you don’t have a paper plate, you can also use a cardboard box – cut out a circle from the box (use a regular plate as a stencil) and paint it green. Set it aside to let the paint dry.

Cut flower petal shapes out of colorful paper. The length of the petals for the first layer should be about half the diameter of the sheet. But it doesn’t have to be exact.

Cut about 6 petals. Continue with the other colors, making each color a little smaller than the previous one.

Roll the petals (you can roll several petals at once). This will give them a curved shape that will give the end more volume.

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When you are done with the petals, the blue on the paper plate will be dry.

Start gluing the petals, applying glue only to one end that you glue to the center of the paper plate.

Press down firmly to secure the glue. After completing the first layer of petals, move on to the next layer.

You can do two, three, four or even more layers; It all depends on your child’s motor skills.

Finish by adding pom poms, dried flowers or the like to the center of your paper flower plate.

You can also crumple tissue paper and stick it in the middle.

Fun idea: if you’re a teacher, this craft makes a great classroom project that you can use to decorate your spring bulletin board.

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