Printable Pig Coloring Pages

Raise your hand if you love little pigs! Get this set of printable pig coloring pages for kids for yourself and be sure to stock up on pink pencils.

As with all our coloring page sets, there’s plenty of variety – from cute pigs to more realistic coloring pages, from simple pig coloring pages for toddlers and young children. kindergarten to more detailed coloring pages for older children.

Pig coloring page

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Printable pig coloring pages

We’re sharing lots of free designs, so go ahead and print them. The entire set is available in our member library. Want more? We have hundreds of coloring pages – many free – waiting for you.

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Free printable pig coloring pages

These cute pig coloring sheets are suitable for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and older children.

We are sharing ten free pig coloring pages, just click the “Download here” button and print the PDF.

Hungry pig coloring page

Hungry pig coloring page

This one has a plate full of food. Is that a potato? Chocolate chip cookies? Vegetable? Let your child’s crayons decide.

Couple dancing

Pig ladies and gentlemen

Nothing can beat a silly design and this one is definitely silly. Mr. Pig with a stick and a dancing princess piglet.

Piglets on a hot day

Pig on a hot day

This kid couldn’t find mud to cover himself, so he’s currently sitting in the sun, drops of sweat running down his face.

Juggling apples

Pig juggling palette

Our little farm friend has a lot of balance and coordination in juggling food.

Easy pig coloring pages

Cute and easy pig coloring pages

The large size and ease of coloring in space make this picture perfect for little hands.

Pigs in flower fields

Pig surrounded by flowers

Another perfect design for kids who love animals and nature. A cute pig is standing in the middle of a colorful flower field with clouds above.

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Easy happy pig coloring sheet

Cartoon pig coloring page

We are sure that this pig coloring game will captivate your child’s heart. The sitting pig wears a small hat on its head which includes large colored areas and would be great for younger audiences. We’re sure kids will add some artistic details to it too.

Piglet coloring page

Piglet coloring sheet

The playful illustration will look great with its vibrant colors and we’re sure it will be great for young children.

Dancing piglets

Dancing pig color palette

These two adorable female pigs are sure to make your child smile. They wore pretty dresses and danced their hearts out.

Rest in the starry night

Pig Resting

Our cute friend was taking a nap right on the path in the middle of the grass. The peaceful atmosphere includes bushes in the background, while the moon and some stars highlight the scene.

Pig coloring page member

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Our coloring pages are designed to provide a fun and educational activity for children and we believe they can be a valuable addition to any learning environment.

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angel pig

Angel pig coloring sheet

What a wonderful sight of a pig with angel wings and a halo on its head.

Pig waved

Happy Pig

Let your artists bring another exciting pig to life! Our cute friend is sitting and waving to us.

Life on the farm

Pigs live on farms

Our next picture in this set of pig coloring pictures will transport your child to a peaceful scene and rustic farm scene.

Happy farm animals

Pig laughed

Take a look at this cute pig coloring page!

Enjoy nature

outdoor pig

Immerse yourself in the world of the pig and let your children color the happy pig on a cloudy day with a bright smile on his face.

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Cute and easy pig coloring pages

Happy pig coloring page

Have your child color this character any color they want. You can then frame the image and place it anywhere. A perfect product for toddlers and preschoolers.

hungry pig

Piglet is hungry

Someone is thinking about delicious burgers and crispy fries! Do you see the anticipation and desire in the pig’s expression?

Pig and rainbow

Pig and rainbow coloring page

We have a happy pig enjoying the outdoors with a beautiful rainbow background for your child to color.

Enjoy the day

pig in the grass

This pig coloring sheet will come in handy all year round. Our pig friend is standing on the grass, enjoying life outdoors. Have your child color the entire page in the frame and make the pig pop out.

In the forest

Alone in the forest

Wow, what a cute little pig standing in a peaceful forest. Children can get creative as they color the piglet’s body, head, tail and cheeks.

Cute pig coloring page

Cute pig coloring page

Our next little pig is dressed to impress with a cozy winter hat and scarf. Super cute pig coloring pages that kids will definitely love.

Enjoy the beach

Day at the beach

What a sunny and relaxing scene we have for your kids to color! Our cheerful friend is wearing trendy sunglasses to protect his eyes. A palm tree and a clear sea in the background – the perfect scene for coloring!

On the sofa

Pig sitting on the sofa coloring page

Our little pig is taking a well-deserved break after a busy day. He was lying on the sofa with a smile on his face.

sleepy pig

Sleeping Pig

Isn’t it cute to see a sleeping pig? Our little friend got tired and fell asleep on the floor with a cozy “night” sleep mask over his eyes. Do you see the letter “Z” floating around the pig?

Windy day

Windy day of the pig

Pigs know how to predict the weather, so our little pig did not hesitate to wear a warm scarf on a windy day. Ask your young artist to color the scene in any color they love – from pastel to vivid. We know the results will be amazing!

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Pig and balloon coloring sheet

Pig in love coloring page

Our pig friend is holding a heart-shaped balloon. The adorable little pig is spreading joy and happiness wherever he goes.

In the butterfly troupe

Pig and butterfly coloring sheet

Let your children spend some time coloring our fun pig coloring pages. The happy little pig is enjoying his time in a beautiful meadow, surrounded by fluttering butterflies. Children can add emotion to this lovely scene and color the page.

Pig and Shamrock

Find a Shamrock

We think our piglet is feeling lucky as he holds a shamrock neatly in his hooves. Have children color the pig’s cute snout and body any color they see fit. Don’t let them forget the context; They can use brown, green, or other shades to create a beautiful setting.

Goofy pig coloring sheet

Silly piggy color palette

Say hello to our silly pig coloring sheets! Our farmer friend is sitting down and looking as silly as possible. Your kids can give it a little personality by coloring it any color they like. They can use crayons, markers or colored pencils – the choice is theirs.

The three silly little pigs

Three pigs coloring page

These three silly pigs will keep your child smiling. You can talk about their unique facial expressions with your child. Have your kids color this fun pig coloring page.

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Pig coloring sheet

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