Halloween Bat Craft Template

With our Halloween bat craft template, your children will be able to decorate the halls of your home or school and bring in the Halloween atmosphere.

Add some spooky charm to your Halloween decorations with our simple supplies and step-by-step instructions.

Halloween bat craft template

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We’re big on Halloween craft ideas (check out our simple moveable Halloween crafts or get kids to make zombie cards), which is one of the most fun holidays around.

Once your child is done with their craft, they can also color our Halloween coloring pages or even learn how to draw a bat.

Halloween bat craft

Now, let’s create some fun Halloween magic!

DIY Halloween crafts

How to make Halloween batman crafts

What you need:

  • printable template
  • pencil
  • drag
  • glue
  • coloring supplies (crayons, crayons, or highlighters)
  • colored paper for the bat (black is nice but kids can use any color)

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

Bat model

Print out the Halloween bat craft template and let your kids color it. They can start wherever they like. We color in the frame first.

Step 1

Coloring makes for a great fine motor exercise.

Step 2

They can color the stars yellow or choose any other color they think matches the stars.

Step 3

The bat will have a red tongue.

Step 4

And a rosy mouth.

Step 5

Next are the eyes. Yellow looks very good on the eyes.

Step 6

It’s time to start coloring the bat’s head. This bat can be black or any other color.

Step 7

The feet can also be black.

Step 8

The body and wings of a bat

Have your child cut out two parts of the bat to follow along. You can also print a sheet with multiple sections on it and skip the tracing part.

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Step 9


Have your child draw four or more circles on black paper.

Step 10

Then, cut them out.

Step 11


They need to repeat the process with the wings by drawing two of them on black paper.

Step 12

They will also have to clip their wings.

Step 13

The Halloween bat craft template can be used as is, or you can also let the kids cut out the outline.

Step 15

First let’s get to the wings. Apply glue to the ends of the wings and stick them inside the circle on the template.

Step 16

To create a 3D bat body, have your child fold all the circles in half.

Step 17

Body parts are ready.

Step 18

Ask the child to apply glue only to half of the folded circle and stick it to the circle of the template.

Step 19

Then they need to apply glue to the folded part of the circle.

Step 20

And glue another half circle on it.

Step 21

Ask them to repeat the process for all the folded circles and glue the final shape to the template.

Step 23

This bat looks amazing!

DIY Halloween bat craft template

Where will you display it?

3D bat Halloween crafts

Have fun coloring and crafting!

Halloween bat craft ideas

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