Q-tip Skeleton Craft

We’ll show you a spooky way to create a fun Halloween creation using a simple household item – Q-tips! Join us in making Q-tip skeleton crafts!

By cutting these cotton swabs in half and arranging them on black paper, your children will create a great Halloween display, while also helping them learn about human anatomy.

Q-tip bone craft

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Halloween crafts are fun to make (see our Halloween corner bookmarks and Halloween movable crafts) and we have lots of them!

And we’re sure kids will love spending some time coloring our Halloween coloring pages!

Skeleton cotton swab Halloween craft

Ready to craft with your kids?

DIY Q-tip skeleton

Grab those materials, dive into crafting this Q-tip skeleton, and bring this little bony friend to life!

How to craft a Q-tip skeleton

What you need:

  • pencil
  • drag
  • glue
  • black paper
  • White paper
  • black marker
  • Q-tips with paper handles (easier to cut and better for the environment)

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions


Have your child draw a skull on white paper and cut it out.

Step 1

Let’s continue by drawing two dots for the eyes and nose.

Step 2

Tell them to have their teeth pulled too!

Step 3


Have children cut Q-tips in half.

Step 4


It’s time to start assembling the Q-tip skeleton.

Have the kids glue the skull onto black paper and the first half of the Q-tip as the neck.

Step 5


They need another half Q-tip – this will be the spine of the skeleton.

Step 6


Next glue the two halves of the Q-tip to create the shoulder.

Step 7

The ribs

Then add two more under the shoulders to create the ribs.

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Step 8

Ask them to add two more rows of Q-tips.

Step 9

Watch your hands

To create the arms, apply half of the Q-tip diagonally from the shoulder down.

Step 10

Then add another half facing up.

Step 11

The child can repeat this process to create the other arm facing down.

Step 12


To create the pelvis, they will glue the two halves of the W slightly upward – towards the ribs.

Step 13


Next, have your child create the legs in the same way they did the arms.

Step 14

Next is the other leg.

Step 15

Feet and hands

The skeleton needs feet and hands, so children need to cut off the ends of the Q-tips (the cotton part).

Step 16

Ask them to tape their feet.

Step 17

They can cut additional Q-tips to create five fingers for each hand.

Step 18

Ask them to gently press their fingers so they stick to the black paper.

Step 19

Q-tip skeleton craft completed!

Step 20

Isn’t it scary cute?

Q-tip Skeleton Halloween Craft

Have a happy Halloween crafting with your kids!

DIY Q-Tip Skeleton Craft

And create more Q-tip Skeleton Crafts!

Q-tip bone craft idea

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