Halloween Paper Chains

Take your Halloween classroom decorations to the next level by making Halloween paper chains – you can make them using the handy printables in the members area or just use paper and your imagination.

You can combine this Halloween paper chain with one of the many Halloween craft and decoration ideas we have on the site.

Halloween Paper Chain Craft Ideas for Kids

There are so many fun characters your kids can create – the Jack-o-lantern is probably the most fun, but the black cat is also pretty cool (and the vampire looks pretty cute too).

This could be a great classroom project for kids to do, have each student make a piece of string and then connect all the pieces into a giant paper string. A fun and friendly Halloween classroom decoration.

Download printable version here.

Halloween Paper Chain Crafts for Kids

Are you ready to start making Halloween paper chains? Let’s get crafting!

Halloween Paper Chain Crafts

How to make Halloween paper necklaces

What you need:

Step by step guide

Start by cutting strips of paper about 2 inches wide and about 8.5 inches long.

They don’t need to be exact in size, just relatively uniform so the rings fit together when you make the paper chain.

Make a pumpkin

We will start with the pumpkin first.

Take green paper and cut out a leaf shape and a small rectangle.

Draw a carved pumpkin face in the middle of the orange paper strip.

Wrap the orange strip around and secure with tape.

Use glue or tape to adhere the leaves and stems to the paper ring.

Be a cat

Next, let’s make a black Halloween cat. Glue two fake eyes or wiggle eye stickers onto a strip of black paper.

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If working with lighter black paper, draw the nose and mouth with a black marker (use a white gel pen if working with darker paper).

Cut 6 short thin strips from a sheet of white paper. Glue them next to the nose – we have a mustache.

Next, let’s create a set of ears.

Cut two small triangles from black paper to make ears.

Use tape to secure the back of the ear to the black strip – school glue works just as well.

Roll the paper up and tape the ends together.

Create a monster

The final part of the Halloween paper chain is Frankenstein’s monster.

Add all the scary details this monster needs – even the hair (can be drawn or glued).

If cutting hair – cut a rectangle from black paper and make a jagged edge for hair. Glue to head.

Repeat Frankenstein and tape to finish.

Now join them together. Cut two strips of paper.

Use these to link three Halloween friends together. Add a little tape to connect the characters with simple links – this will make all your Halloween characters face forward.

Halloween paper man chain finished!

Halloween Paper Chain

Aren’t they beautiful!

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