Bat Silhouette Halloween Art

A little color and a few dots on paper and you have a simple and beautiful bat silhouette Halloween art piece.

This Halloween art idea is great for young kids (with some help from a parent), older kids will love it too.

Bat Silhouette Halloween Arts and Crafts for Kids

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Bats are the king and queen of the night sky (especially in the fall).

Since they are so closely associated with Halloween (oh vampires!!!) we thought this simple bat silhouette art would be a great project to do with kids this Halloween season.

This is also a great project for the classroom – you could even turn it into a group project to create a beautiful Halloween bulletin board out of these (how cool is that)?

Halloween bat silhouette art

We think orange tones would work well for this, but you can use any other color as a background.

Bat Silhouette Art Ideas

How to make bat silhouette halloween art

What you need:

  • white cardboard
  • black cardboard
  • drag
  • tick
  • sponge brush
  • paint
  • optional – washi tape

Step by step instructions

Fold a sheet of white paper in half (or anywhere).

Draw two “bat halves” – we have a tutorial on how to draw a bat which you may find helpful when drawing the wings.

Cut along the drawn lines to get the bat silhouette.

Prepare the paint – we used white, yellow and orange in this project.

Place the bat silhouette on the black paper.

If working with young children, secure the bats by making a roll of washi tape and sticking it onto the bat – press the bat onto the black paper – the washi tape will hold the bat in place and will be easy to remove later.

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Dip the foam brush into the paint and start dotting around the cut out bat shape.

Add paint until you are satisfied with the intensity and spread of the paint.

Halloween bat silhouette art ideas

And that’s it, this simple Halloween art project is complete.

Bat Silhouette Art for Kids

Easy and beautiful right?

Bat Silhouette Art Ideas for Halloween

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