Handprint Christmas Tree – Christmas craft for kids or a DIY ornament

This handprint Christmas tree craft is a great decoration for your tree and a keepsake to cherish for years to come. Why not make one every year and watch the little hands change over the years? It’s adorable.

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Hand shaped Christmas tree

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What we love most about this simple craft is how versatile it is! Use a little yarn and hang it on a tree as an ornament, make a dozen and make a wreath… Plus, why hang them? They would also look great on a homemade Christmas card!

Handprint Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for Kids

How to Make DIY Handprint Christmas Tree Ornaments

What you need:

  • green paper (cardboard)
  • gold foil or gold star paper
  • giant craft stick
  • buttons, gems or paper
  • drag
  • pencil
  • glue
  • brown paint
  • hanging thread and clear tape or washi tape

Start by painting the large craft stick with brown paint. Set aside to dry.

While the paint dries, it’s time to make the tree. Draw around your hand (fingers spread out) with a pencil.

Cut along the head contour.

If the paint is dry, apply glue to the top of the craft stick. If the paint is not completely dry, skip this step and proceed with decorating your mini Christmas tree.

Glue the hand shape onto the craft stick.

Decorate the tree! Glue a shiny star to the top of the tree.

Make small ornaments with buttons or gems (or whatever small decorative material is handy).

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If you want to turn this handprint Christmas tree into an ornament, flip it over and attach yarn for hanging to the back (top) of the craft stick.

All has been done!

Handprint Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids

Your handprint Christmas tree ornament is ready to display on your Christmas tree or give to family and friends (we know grandparents will love this one).

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft Ideas for Kids

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