Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft – Thanksgiving

Turkey season is here and these cute turkey toilet paper rolls are a great way to set up your dinner table or just display around the house.

Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

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Kids love simple crafts like this so much that you’ll likely have a flock of toilet paper roll turkeys running around when they get started.

For younger children, you can pre-cut everything out, lay it out, and let them practice fine motor skills through placing and gluing the items.Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

This project makes a fun Thanksgiving craft – and we have plenty of other turkey craft ideas to go with this one.

How to make a toilet paper roll turkey

You will need:

  • toilet paper roll
  • construction paper
  • orange straw
  • Googly eyes
  • craft glue
  • Brown paint – optional

Materials for Türkiye TP Roll Craft

Step by step guide

Cut the toilet paper roll in half, trying not to crease it and keeping it in a circular shape.

You can leave it as is to minimize mess. Or coat the turkey body (toilet paper roll) with brown paint and let it dry completely.

Step 1

Cut rainbow colored cardstock into long strips, about ½” wide the length of the cardstock, which is about 11”.

Step 2

Fold the strips in half and glue, not wrinkling them, just looping them. Glue to the back of your little turkey body.

Your child can make it as full as they want. You can hot glue the body to something like a clothespin if it is too heavy to keep it upright.

Step 3

Cut a 2-2 inch piece of pipe cleaner for each turkey and bend one piece into a triangle for the beak and tape it in place. Fold the remaining piece into a V shape and tape it to the bottom for the legs.

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Step 4

Add a small piece of red paper behind the beak to make the turkey waddle.

Close-up of the turkey shaking

Glue on fake eyes to complete the face and enjoy playing with the little turkey.

Handmade turkey toilet paper rollTurkey Roll

You can do it just once but we know it’s hard to stop after just one time :).

TP Roll Turkey Craft

Project contributed by Jody.

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