Happy New Year Coloring Pages (2024) – Lots of Free Sheets

As the calendar turns to mark the end of another year, we find ourselves on the threshold of new beginnings. The transition from one year to the next is a moment of reflection, anticipation and a little excitement. Waiting for the clock to strike midnight can be difficult for kids, so we bring you a collection of Happy New Year coloring pages to make the wait easier.

So let the kids grab their favorite crayons or markers and wait until midnight (or bedtime) with these charming pages that celebrate the joy of new beginnings and the promise of new adventures.

Happy new year coloring pages printable

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Happy new year coloring pages printable

As a parent, you can witness the magic happen as your child brings these images to life in vibrant colors. In addition to being fun and entertaining, these coloring pages also provide a valuable opportunity for children to reflect on the past year and look forward to the adventures ahead. Encourage your little artists to explore their imaginations and in the process, create vibrant keepsakes that express the excitement of new beginnings.

Free printable happy new year coloring pages

We’re excited to share 15 printable Happy New Year coloring pages that your kids can enjoy for free. To have fun, click the blue “Load Here” button below each image preview.

Happy new year festive coloring page

Image caption Happy New Year 2024 to color

Celebrate the countdown to a Happy New Year with festive coloring pages! Ask your kids to add a little color to their captions!

New Year’s color palette

Happy New Year 2024 coloring sheet

Cheers to another lovely New Year coloring page!

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Coloring happy new year

New Year's party hats, crowns and colorful candy

Would you like your child to color some festive motives?

Illustration of the new year in color

Color illustration of happy new year

Another great caption to color New Year’s Eve!


Happy New Year balloons to color

Want some festive New Year balloons?

Happy new year color captions

Happy new year coloring page

Immerse your children in the festive scene, express warm wishes and let the creative confetti fly away!

New Year’s pictures to color

Colorful image of happy new year balloons

This Happy New Year coloring page features three festive balloons so kids can add their artistic touch and bring this celebratory scene to life.

Happy New Year 2024 Coloring Pages

Happy new year captions for coloring

The following New Year’s palette features a continuous “Happy New Year 2024” caption throughout the canvas.

Easy happy new year color palette

Happy new year rocket coloring

Get your kids coloring in for the new year with our festive Happy New Year coloring sheet featuring bright fireworks.

Happy new year images in color

Happy New Year coloring pages

Have the kids grab their colorful markers and make another New Year’s page shine.

New year greeting card

Color illustration of happy new year

Featuring a cheerful bear wearing a winter hat and a touching “Happy New Year” caption, this coloring sheet is sure to spread joy.

Festive happy new year color illustration

Happy New Year decorations to color

Have the children color another New Year’s coloring page with bright decorations, flowers, hearts, smiley faces and balloons.

Easy new year coloring pages

Happy New Year coloring pages

This page has the bold caption “Happy New Year,” perfect for little hands.

New year coloring page

New year coloring page

The following free New Year coloring page features another epic “Happy New Year” caption surrounded by festive decorations and fun confetti.

Happy New Year 2024 coloring sheet

New Year 2024 coloring sheet

And last but not least, New Year’s gifts are expanding. You will find a large banner that reads “Happy New Year 2024”.

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