Heart Bee Craft

This heart bee craft is both a craft and a super cute Valentine’s Day card that kids can easily make.

You can make this craft in the exact colors of the bees or you can make it more Valentine’s by changing the natural colors to red, pink and purple.

Heart Bee Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids - Heart Animal Cards

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January and February are both great months to plan Valentine’s Day crafts, as well as cute cards that students will exchange or give to their parents.

Heart shaped animal crafts are easy and fun for kids to make, and if you happen to be teaching a lesson about shapes, these crafts will complement that lesson perfectly.

Heart Crafts - Easy Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make an adorable heart bee card/craft, made almost entirely from hearts.

Bee Heart Shaped Crafts for KidsHow to make a bee heart shaped craft

What you need

Alternatively, you can also color according to the pattern and not use colored paper.

Step by step instructions

Print out our template. You can also make your own heart.

Cut all the pieces out of the template.

Start by tracing the two hearts together on yellow construction paper.

Alternatively, you can also draw a large heart on cardboard (for a small heart, you only need 1 heart).

Also, draw two small hearts on yellow paper (young children can skip this step).

Draw a single large heart shape on light blue paper twice.

Draw the same large heart shape on black cardstock twice.

Cut out all parts.

Fold the yellow paper in half – two hearts joined together. This will be the base of the card, as well as the head of the bee.

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Glue a black heart under the bee’s head, followed by a yellow heart and another black heart.

You can do more than 3, but we think 3 is the best.

We have a very beautiful looking bee body.

Glue two light blue hearts, one on each side.

Draw a face (or add bulging eyes).

Write your message.

Older children can also make their own beards.

All has been done!

Bee Heart Craft Ideas for Kids

You have created a beautiful bee heart craft.

Bee Heart Craft Ideas

Get the bee heart craft pattern

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