Heart Ladybug Craft

Learn how to make a simple Heart Shaped Ladybug Craft, a fun project to make and makes a super cute DIY Valentine’s Day card.

You can also make them in many colors, red, yellow, pink or why not even blue.Heart ladybug craft ideas for kids

Making heart shaped animals is definitely fun and if you really try, you can make a lot of them.

We’re feeling ladybug today so we’re going to show you how to easily make a heart-shaped ladybug card – you can use our handy template to make the card or you can draw the heart yourself. Either way, this Valentine’s Day craft will be a hit with the kids.

Heart Ladybug Craft for KidsHow to Make a Ladybug Heart Craft – Valentine’s Day Card Making Ideas

What you need:

You can also print the template on white paper and let your child color it.

Step by step instructions

Print out our template. If you plan to use our template as a stencil, we recommend printing on darker red printer paper, as this way you won’t have to cut out the little black hearts to glue onto the ladybug wings.

If your child plans to color the template, have them color it before cutting.

Cut out all the parts to make a ladybug heart craft.

Draw the body (two hearts connected) on black paper.

Also cut the head on black paper.

Draw wings on red paper.

Cut out all parts.

You can cut out 7 small black hearts and glue them onto the red heart or you can draw the heart yourself.

Cut the red heart in half.
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Fold the body (the combined heart shape) in half to create a heart-shaped card.

Glue a small heart as a head for the ladybug.

Glue the two wings together, slightly open them.

Cut out a small white heart (or any other bright shape) (or other shape) and glue it inside the ladybug heart card.

Write your notes.

All has been done!

You have made an adorable little heart ladybug.

Ladybug heart shaped craftsGet the heart ladybug craft pattern

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