How to make a Paper Christmas Tree Card

In this tutorial you will learn How to make paper Christmas tree cards, a great and easy project that is perfect for improving your child’s scissors skills.

This Christmas card idea gives your little ones some great scissor practice, and it’s suitable for older kids to make too.

How to make handmade paper Christmas tree cards for children

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If you haven’t planned a Christmas card for this season, we have another idea you can add to your list – make this awesome and, more importantly, easy Christmas tree card.

You can keep it minimal and just have the tree, or you can decorate the tree with a star on top and even some ornaments on the branches (poms, pieces of paper, buttons are all pretty). .

How to make paper Christmas tree cards

How to make paper Christmas tree cards

  • Card
  • green paper
  • White paper
  • brown paper
  • drag
  • glue

Step-by-step instructions

If you don’t have a card, you can easily make one from a sheet of construction paper (A4/letter size).

For younger children, just fold the paper in half to create a large card. For older children, fold the paper in half, cut and fold again to get two card bases.

Let’s create the background for our tree. This will help the card look better because it will have a “frame.”

Place a sheet of white paper (or any other color) on top of the card. Cut around, using the card as a stencil for the rectangle.

Cut the edges of the rectangle so that it is smaller than the card, apply glue to the back and glue the rectangle onto the card.

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Next, cut triangles out of green paper.

They can all be the same size or you can make a smaller one (the one that will be on top of the tree).

Take the first triangle, hold it at the top and start cutting slits in the paper. First create one on the left and one on the right side of the triangle.

Make the paper strips as thin as possible. Don’t interrupt.

Repeat with the remaining two triangles.

Curve the paper slightly by running it around your finger (or pencil if easier).

Cut a brown rectangle and glue it onto the card.

Apply glue to the top part of the triangle you cut…

…and stick it on the card.

Glue the remaining two on top of the first one.

If you want to decorate the tree a bit, cut out a star shape and stick it on the tree.

Paper Christmas Tree Cards

All has been done! Now you know How to make paper Christmas tree cards.

Paper Christmas tree cards for children

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