Paper Weaving Christmas Tree Craft

Paper weaving is something that kids really enjoy doing, so this Paper Christmas Tree Craft is a great project to do during the holidays or in your classroom.

There are many ways to weave paper, so do it the way your child knows best.

Paper Christmas tree weaving craft ideas for kids

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This fun Christmas craft idea is perfect to make at home or in the classroom. We used craft sticks to complete this craft, however, if you are planning to make a wreath out of these (which in our opinion will look absolutely amazing) , replace the craft sticks with brown paper or leave them all behind. Hang them on a string and you will have a great display.

Although Christmas trees are usually green, there are no rules about what color paper your child should use. If you’re planning on making a wreath with this, we think using a variety of colors will look even better.

Weaving paper Christmas trees

How to make Christmas tree woven paper crafts

What you need:

  • Woven paper (regular printing paper or construction paper) in two colors
  • glue
  • drag
  • tick
  • handmade sticks
  • decorative paper, pom pom paper or other paper

Step-by-step instructions

Let’s start by making woven paper. You will need two sheets of paper in two colors. They can really be any color, we chose two shades of green for our Christmas tree craft.

Start by cutting into a sheet of paper to make strips. Don’t interrupt.

Take the remaining piece of paper and cut strips.

Apply glue along the last strip of one of the sheets.

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And stick the other one on there (the end hasn’t been cut in yet).

This will keep the papers in place, making it easier for your child to weave.

Fold all the (light blue) paper strips.

Now start weaving. Take the first strip of paper and weave it through the slits, going over and under the slits.

All the way through.

Take another sheet of paper (the same size as the one you weave), apply glue all over it.

Glue it onto your woven paper and wait for the glue to set.

Draw a triangle for the Christmas tree.

Cut out triangles.

Some bits may fall off, if that’s the case, just apply a little glue on them and re-stick (or just leave it as is).

Cut out a star and stick it on top of your Christmas tree.

Decorate the tree with pom poms, scrap paper, sequins, finger paint or whatever your child wants.

Apply glue to one end of the craft stick and stick it to the back.

If you plan to make these as decoys that will be hung on a string, you can swap out the craft sticks for brown construction paper.

Paper Christmas tree weaving for children

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