How to Make a Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon

Make your own paper mache hot air balloon with our step-by-step instructions!

With just a few basic materials and a little creativity, your child will create a fun decoration that they will admire for years to come.

How to make hot air balloons with Mache paper

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With careful layers of paper mache and colorful paints, each step opens up endless possibilities.

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How to make hot air balloons with Mache paper

What you need:

  • paper mache glue (we have collected the best paper mache glue recipes)
  • old newspapers or magazines
  • cardboard or cardboard
  • duct tape (masking tape, masking tape, duct tape – anything)
  • drag
  • paint and paint brush
  • balloon
  • a piece of wire

Step-by-step instructions

Start by making paper mache.

Creating glue in an old pan makes it easier to use later.

Step 1

Hot air balloon

Blow up a large balloon to the desired size for your hot air balloon and tie it tightly to prevent air from escaping.

Tear old newspaper into small pieces, dip it in glue and stick it all over the balloon.

It’s best to overlap the pieces to make the balloon more secure.

Step 2

Continue adding layers of old newspaper to evenly cover the surface, but let each layer dry a little before continuing.

When the first layer is dry, repeat the process to add a second layer of paper mache.

Step 3

Burning hole

Once the final layer of paper mache is dry, your balloon will be strong and sturdy.

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Cut out the lip of the balloon by making a hole.

Step 4

Deflate and fly the balloon through this hole, leaving only the papier-mâché shell behind.

Step 5

Hot air balloon models

Paint the ball any color you want.

We helped ourselves first by tracing the lines with a pencil.

Step 6

We chose light yellow and red, but your child can choose any pattern and color.

Step 7

Add more details, such as diamonds or any other shape your child desires.

See how we added light yellow paint to the red strip of the balloon to create a diamond shape?

And we chose light blue paint to paint another color next to it.

Step 8


Cut a small cross – depending on how big you want the balloon basket to be.

Step 9

Make creases, then use tape to secure the edges and hold the box together.

Step 10

Glue old newspaper dipped in glue all over the basket.

Wait for it to dry.

Step 11

Decorate the balloon basket with paint or other decorations to add a personal touch.

Step 12

Control lines

Cut several lengths of string or string, each approximately the same size.

You can use more strings if you want.

Step 13

Take one rope as a base, then attach the remaining six ropes by tying a knot.

Let’s see how we make the spacing between strings equal.

Step 14

Take the first two ropes and tie a knot.

Then repeat the process with the remaining two pairs.

Step 15

Now take the second and third ropes and tie a knot.

Take the fourth and fifth ropes and tie a knot.

Step 16

We will tie a knot with the first and last ropes when attaching the net to the balloon.

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Step 17

Make a knot with the string from the previous step to connect the balloon net.

Step 18

Now we’re looking at the top part of the balloon.

Connect the base chain by making a knot.

Step 19

Our hot air balloon is almost ready.

Take the six strings hanging from the balloon and tie them into a knot.

Cut another piece of thread – we will need it to make the basket in the following steps.

Step 20

Place the basket on the newly made knot to see how it fits.

Step 21

Tie a piece of thread by making a knot in the middle of two strings.

Step 22

Place the basket as you did before.

Now take that thread and “wrap” it around our basket, then tie a knot to hold it in place.

Step 23

Make two holes in the top of the balloon.

Step 24

Make a hook from a wire and thread it through the holes.

It will serve us so we can hang the balloon later.

Step 25

Cut off any excess threads around the balloon.

Step 26

Your hot air balloon is complete!

Hot Air Mache Paper Balloon

You can use it as a neat outdoor or indoor decoration.

DIY Mache Paper Hot Air Balloon

Have fun making a bunch of them!

How to make hot air balloon ideas with Mache paper

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