How to Make Pasta Necklaces

Learn how to make a pasta necklace, a great activity if you happen to have any pasta that is past its expiration date.

When it comes to pasta making lines, we think it’s best for kids to decorate their own pasta beads, so these don’t come pre-colored.

How to Make a Pasta Necklace - a Fun Activity for Kids

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Do you like pasta? Which pasta shape do you like best? We really like the spirals, they are delicious.

Any type of pasta with a hole in the middle can be used as beads to make a cool DIY bracelet.

How to Make a Handmade Pasta Necklace for Kids

Isn’t it amazing?

How to make pasta necklace

What you need:

  • pasta tube
  • stretch yarn
  • Acrylic color of your choice
  • Wood grain of your choice (optional)
  • brush
  • drag

Let’s create!

Step by step guide

Materials used

Start painting the pasta with acrylic paint (we used red for this project). Roll them in paint or use a paintbrush.

You can color the pasta any color you choose, and you can use any pasta shape you like.

You can add details with brushes like spots, stripes, and triangles. Use your creativity.

Step 1

Measure the appropriate length of yarn for your necklace.

Then start threading one tube of pasta, then add two beads and keep repeating this step…

Step 2

…until you have no more room to thread more noodles into the yarn.

You can cut a longer piece of yarn and thread several tubes of pasta back and forth to create a longer necklace that you can wrap around your neck a few times.

Step 2-1

Tie a strong knot at the end.

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Step 3

You’re done! You just learned how to make a pasta necklace.

How to make handmade pasta necklaces for kids

Fun and easy activity, right?

How to make handmade pasta necklaces for kids

Now put your necklace on.

How to make handmade pasta necklaces for kids

Wow, this looks super stylish!

How to Make a Handmade Pasta Necklace for Kids

So did you have fun making these pasta necklaces?

How to make pasta necklaces for kids

You can send us some photos of your crafts so we can see the ideas you come up with.

That’s all for today guys. Keep stable! More handmade pasta dishes coming soon!

Pasta necklace craft ideas

Project contributed by Ema P.

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