Mothers Day Handprint Card

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! If you want to give the mother in your life something from your children or grandchildren, this is the craft for you.

Hand-printed Mother’s Day cards are so simple that anyone can make them. The results are adorable!

Mother's Day Card

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Mother's day card ideas with handprints

*This post contains affiliate links*

How to make hand printed Mother’s Day cards

What you need:

  • construction paper (black, pink and white)
  • drag
  • painted in many different colors
  • glue
  • ribbon (you choose the color)

Step-by-step instructions

Take a piece of construction paper and fold it in half.

Cut a piece of pink paper and glue it to the front of the black piece of paper.

Take your hand and put it out. Paint it with the color of your choice. The image here is brown and tan.

Place your hand on a white piece of paper.

Press down hard enough to loosen the paint on the paper. This Mother’s Day handprint card will be so valuable when you finish it!

Let the fingerprint dry and then cut it out.

Put your fingerprint on the pink paper. If you are helping young children with this craft, you may have to help them with the cutting part.

Now you can decorate the handprint as you like. Now is the time to get creative!

You can even add a cute bow for fun. There is no right or wrong way to bow. Bows don’t have to be perfect either; Try it out and have fun with it!

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Hand printed Mother's Day card

You can write a special message inside the card to send to the mother in your life. This card also works well for grandmothers and aunts.

Mother's day hand printed card ideas

You can sit down with your kids and make as many of these as you want! You can make a similar one for Father’s Day too!

Hand printed Mother's Day card

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