Paintbrush Santa Ornament – DIY Christmas Ornament

If you love recycled crafts, this adorable paintbrush Santa ornament would be the perfect Christmas craft for kids.

You can even create other characters and they will all look great on your Christmas tree.

Paintbrush Santa Ornament - Fun Recycled Christmas Crafts for Kids or DIY Christmas Decorations

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This Santa Claus paint brush is a fun and inexpensive way to create unique ornaments, package hangers or can be added to wreaths or decorations.

Make a large batch and give them to teachers, mailmen, friends and family.

You can buy paint brushes for $1 or less for this project if you don’t have any old brushes and you probably already have enough other supplies in your craft stash!

Santa Claus Crafts with Paintbrushes for Kids

Paintbrush Santa Decoration

You will need:

  • Paint brush 2” or larger
  • Googly eyes
  • white craft paint
  • tan craft paint
  • red craft paint
  • white felt
  • white pom pom
  • rope or ribbon
  • paint brushes
  • paper cup
  • sticky craft glue

Step by step guide

Start by painting the entire wooden handle with red paint, let dry.

Pour white paint into the paper cup until the paint is as high as the bristles of the paintbrush.

Step 2

Carefully dip the brush into the paint, up to the metal part of the brush.

Step 3

Shake off excess water and lay flat to dry so that the water hangs on the surface as you see here or you can hang it on something like a tree to let the water drip and dry.

Step 4

Once the beard is dry, use a very small paintbrush and paint the metal part with skin color paint and let it dry.

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Step 5

Add bulging eyes…

Step 8

…and used the end of a small brush to give him round, rosy cheeks…

Step 9

…and a pink nose.

Step 10

Cut white felt into a strip about 1 inch wide, cutting slightly wavy so there are no sharp edges.

Step 1

Glue the felt strip firmly with craft glue so that it covers most of the red handle and just overlaps the metal part a little.

Step 11

Tie a string or ribbon to the handle to hang…

Step 6

…and add a white tassel to complete Santa’s hat.

Step 7

Your paintbrush Santa is done.

Children's Paintbrush Santa Decorations

Santa Claus Paint Brush Craft Ideas

Project contributed by Jody.

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