Paper Bag Bunny

Making a paper bag bunny is a fun, easy Easter craft that kids of all ages will enjoy.

This project can be completed in just a few simple steps and requires minimal supplies.

Rabbit paper bag

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DIY paper bag rabbit

If you’re looking for a simple craft, this paper bag bunny is for you!

It’s fun to use paper bags and kids love this activity.

Paper bag rabbit

Once you’ve finished the bunny, you can use it for decoration or as an Easter toy.

DIY paper bag rabbit

This is a great activity to do in groups or individually!

How to make a paper bag bunny

What you need:

  • paper bags
  • pencil
  • drag
  • glue
  • pink felt material
  • silk ribbon
  • sharp eyes
  • black marker
  • eye shadow
  • heart shaped decorative beads

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

On a white paper bag, draw two ears on top and a head in the middle.

Then you’ll want to cut off the ears!

Step 1

Draw two ears on pink felt and cut them out.

Step 2

Glue the ears to the bag ears.

This step is a fun part of the activity for kids!

Step 3

Then stick to the moving eyes. If you don’t have moving eyes, you can draw bunny eyes!


Glue the pink decorative heart on the nose.

Draw the mouth, mustache, and eyelashes with a black marker.

This activity adds so much to the bunny!

Step 5

Draw a red mark on its cheek.

Step 6

Put the candy in the bag. You can put any candy you want inside the bag.

Some people like to put chocolate in their candy bags, but you can put whatever you like!

Step 7

Tie a bow on one ear.

Step 8

And another bow in the other ear.

Step 9

The final product is this paper bag bunny!

Step 11

It’s the perfect Easter craft or activity to do!

DIY Paper Bag Easter Bunny

You can do as much as you like.

Easter Bunny Paper Bag Craft

Have fun for Easter.

DIY Craft Paper Bags

And enjoy crafting!

Bunny paper bag idea

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