Paper Plate Gingerbread Man Craft

The holidays are approaching, and this paper Gingerbread Man craft will be so fun for kids to make! This is a great project for preschool age kids (and up) because it’s so easy to make and kids can get creative when making a project.

The kids can make him as simple or as complicated as they want, and he’s a great way to use up those extra paper plates you might have. Are you thinking about making a Christmas bulletin board? These will look great on there!

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Make your own paper plate Gingerbread Man Craft

If you’re looking for a simple Christmas craft to make with kids, this paper plate craft is for you.

Paper Plate Gingerbread Man Xmas Craft

With limited materials, you can easily do this activity!

It’s also a great craft to do alongside a holiday story.

Gingerbread Man paper plate craft

How to make a Gingerbread Man using a paper plate

What you need:

  • paper plate
  • acrylic paint (brown, white and pink)
  • green paper
  • pencil
  • black marker
  • paintbrush (a thinner and wider one)
  • drag
  • 3 red grapefruits
  • glue

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

Take a paper plate and paint it brown.

Step 1

Paint a white wavy line on the edge of the plate.

Kids may need help with this craft!

Step 2

Draw heart-shaped eyes, eyebrows, mouth and pink cheeks with a pencil.

Perfection is not needed here; Have fun with this step.

Step 3

Draw on the eyes and mouth with a black marker.

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This is a fun opportunity for kids to get creative!

Step 4

You can blush with pink paint.

It’s so simple but it adds so much to the gingerbread man.

Step 5

Draw the mouth with white paint, and you can also draw the inside of the eye with a white dot.

Step 6

On green paper, draw three leaves with jagged edges.

Step 7

Cut them out and stick them on the head.

Step 8

Stick 3 small pom-poms on them.

Step 9

The final image of the gingerbread man on the paper plate is below.

Step 10

You can turn the gingerbread man into a girl or a boy!

Paper Plate Gingerbread Man Craft

Add a cute bow if you want to make it a girly look.

Paper Plate Gingerbread Man Christmas Craft

Have fun crafting!

Gingerbread man idea on paper plate

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