Paper Plate Ladybug Craft

This paper plate ladybug craft is ready to fly! With moving wings, kids will really enjoy doing this project and it’s so easy.

You could make this as a spring craft or a Valentine’s Day craft if you add a heart or two.

Ladybug Craft Using Paper Plates - a fun spring craft for preschoolers

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Creatures made from paper plates are very interesting. And today we will make a ladybug from a paper plate.

We named our little ladybug Mug. You know, real ladybugs are tiny, like the tiniest button, and our ladybug is going to be a giant, the mother of all the ladybugs in the world, okay?

Ladybug paper craft plates for kids to make

Do you know something interesting about ladybugs? They talk! Yes. And when they are happy they dance.

And when they get mad, they stick out their little tongues. They’re super goofy, which is why we love them! We’re joking of course, but all of these things could be true for your custom ladybug.

How to make a ladybug craft with a paper plate

What you need:

  • two paper plates
  • red acrylic paint
  • a black acrylic paint
  • a sheet of glitter black self-adhesive foam
  • a sparkly red self-adhesive foam sheet
  • two self-adhesive googly eyes
  • two black pom poms
  • two legs divided
  • two black chenille sticks
  • a circular ruler
  • pencil
  • glue
  • drag


Step by step guide


Use black acrylic paint and color the back of one of the paper plates.

Step 1Wing

Take your red acrylic paint and color the back of the other paper…

Step 2

…then take scissors and cut the paper plate in half.

Step 2-1

That’s the wings.

Step 2-2

Use a pencil to draw a heart shape on the back of the red self-adhesive foam sheet.

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Step 3

Use scissors to cut out a heart shape…

Step 3-1

…then stick it on top of the black paper.

Step 3-2

Draw a few circles on the back of the black self-adhesive foam (use a circular ruler) …

Step 4

Cut them out…

Step 4-1

…and place them on a red paper plate.

Step 4-2

Insert a split pin into each wing…Step 5

…and through the black paper plate too.

Step 5-1

Then separate the two ends of the pin so that the wings are still stuck on the black paper as shown in the picture.

Step 5-2Head

Draw a circle on the back of the black self-adhesive foam sheet, cut the circle out, then apply some glue to the back and stick it on the black sheet.

This will be the head.

Step 6

Cut a bar of velvet fabric in half.

Step 7

Form two spirals…

Step 7-1

…and stick them on your head.

Step 7-2

Place a pom-pom on top of each cotton spiral.

Step 8

Place round eyes on head.

Step 9Foot

Cut the remaining chenille into six equal pieces and glue them to the front of the black paper.

Step 10

Those will be the legs of our ladybug.

Step 10-1

Finished! One more thing!

When hungry, ladybugs bite. But that’s okay, they can’t really hurt us with those tiny teeth.

Ladybug Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

When a ladybug is hungry, we just need to give it a small drop of honey. It’s her favorite food to munch on.

Then she will be forever grateful and bring more sunshine to your home.

Simple crafts made from ladybug-shaped paper plates for children

Hope you enjoyed this paper plate ladybug project!

680 × 680

Happy crafting!

The project was contributed by Ema P.

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