Paper Plate Mummy Craft

You don’t need a lot of supplies to make this fun paper plate mummy craft; Chances are you already have everything you need.

This is a fun and economical Halloween craft for kids that can be easily done in the classroom with older groups of children as well as at home. These can also be used as cool decorations.

Paper Plates Mummy Crafts for Kids

Paper plate crafts are really great for classroom crafts; they’re cheap, you don’t need a lot of supplies to help your class get crafty, and you can easily display finished works on your classroom wall or bulletin board.

How to make crafts with paper plates

What you need:

  • paper plate
  • black paint
  • yellow paper or yellow paint
  • white paper or white tissue (toilet paper, kitchen tissue are both good)
  • drag
  • glue
  • paint brush

Step-by-step instructions

We’re working with mini paper plates, which are great for simple projects like this one. To start, have your child paint a paper plate with black paint.

Black will provide great contrast to this craft, although other great options will also come in gray, brown, green (and all the colors in between).

Set the paper plate aside once you’ve finished painting and move on to the other parts of this craft while you wait for the paint to dry.

We make eyes from yellow paper. Using a paper punch is a great way to make them and kids have a blast making paper holes.

If you don’t have a paper punch, you can use scissors to cut circles out of paper (use a round object as a stencil or create freehand). You can also let your child draw circles directly onto the paper plate – a round foam brush is perfect for this occasion.

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Tape the letters yes onto the paper plates (they don’t have to be yellow; white, lime green, red, or any other color will work).

Draw black dots inside the eyes to make the pupils.

Next, comes the bandaging. We used kitchen towels to make them. Cut along the tissue to create thinner strips.

Apply glue directly to the paper plate.

Glue the first strip of paper onto the paper plate.

Continue adding more, adding more glue as needed.

Add as much as you want.

The only thing to note is not to cover your eyes while walking.

Let the glue dry a bit then cut off the excess paper strips.

That’s it, your job of making a paper plate mummy is complete.

Mummy paper plate

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