Paper Plate Reindeer Craft

Do you have a few spare paper plates and need an easy Christmas craft idea? Make this fun paper plate reindeer craft.

You will make 4 or more reindeer from one paper plate.

Paper reindeer craft ideas for kids

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You can make lots of great Christmas crafts from paper plates – they’re ideal for making trees and, as you’ll see in this tutorial, for making cute reindeer.

Add a red nose to turn Rudolph into a reindeer, or keep the nose brown to create a normal-looking reindeer. We used paper to make the reindeer noses but the pom poms look pretty cool too.

Reindeer handmade paper plates

How to make reindeer paper plates

What you need:

  • paper plate
  • brown construction paper
  • White paper
  • black marker
  • red paper
  • drag
  • glue
  • brown
  • paint brush

Step-by-step instructions

Start by painting the paper plate brown.

If this is a classroom project, first cut out paper plates and have children draw triangles.

Cut the sheet of paper in half.

Cut in half again.

Next cut a red (or brown) circle. You can also use a hole punch for this.

Also cut two circles out of white paper.

Glue the red circle to the triangular end of the paper plate.

Glue the white circles onto the paper plate.

Draw eyes inside the white circle with a black marker.

Cut antlers out of brown construction paper.

Stick them on a paper plate.

All has been done! You made your own reindeer paper plate.

Paper reindeer craft ideas

If you want, you can add ears to your child.

Reindeer craft paper plates for kids

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