Paper Puffer Fish Craft

Let’s make a paper puffer fish craft together. This project makes a fun summer craft for kids, and it can also be a fun addition to your ocean animals lesson.

Puffer Fish Craft Paper

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Are you ready for today’s puffer fish game?

We really like this fish. What a super silly fish, right?

If threatened, it will swell and become three times larger.

When puffer fish inflates it looks like a balloon.

Paper puffer fish craft for children

Some people even keep them as pets in their aquariums.

Paper puffer fish craft for children

Pufferfish are among the most venomous creatures in the world.

Paper puffer fish craft for children to make

But the fish we made today are completely harmless and cute.

And did you know that they smile?

Paper puffer fish craft for children to make

And when they smile they show their teeth.

They only have four teeth. Funny!

Paper puffer fish craft for children to make

So guys, let’s make our fish dish now!

Paper puffer fish craft for children to make

How to make puffer fish crafts with paper

What you need:

  • round awl
  • color paper
  • drag
  • glue
  • black lining
  • 2 divided legs
  • Round plate (diameter 15cm)
  • 5 chenille sticks (if the round dish is smaller, use fewer chenille sticks)

Instructions step by step

Take two sheets of colored paper, place circular discs on them and mark two full circles with black lining.

Step 1

Cut out the circles.

Step 2

Punch a series of circles using a circle punch.

Step 03

Cut through each circle and stop in the middle as shown in the picture.

Step 4

Apply a little glue to one edge and create a pointed branch.

Step 4-1

Set the spikes aside to dry.

Step 6

Punch out a circle and glue it as an eyeball.

Step 7

Draw your eyes with black eyeliner.

Step 08

Glue the spikes to the yellow circle.

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Step 09

Draw points on the body with a black pencil.

Step 10

Draw the fish’s mouth.

Step 11

Apply some glue to the chenille sticks and stick them to the body, then braid them into a braid.

Take the remaining circle and glue it to the opposite side.

Draw a tail shape and a fin shape as shown in the picture, then cut them out.

Step 14

Draw lines on the tail and on the fins.

Step 16

Attach them to the body using split pins.

Step 17

Outline the entire pufferfish with a black liner.

Step 18

All has been done!

Now you can move the tail and fins.

Paper puffer fish craft for children

Also you can make this fish sway all day long.

Paper puffer fish craft for children

We hope you enjoy working on the projects we offer at Easy Peasy and Fun.

Paper puffer fish craft for children to make

Stay tuned for more!

Paper puffer fish summer craft ideas for kids

Project contributed by Ema.

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