Paper Strips Tree Christmas Card

If you have a lot of scrap paper and don’t know what to do with it, this paper strip tree Christmas card is the answer to your crafting problems.

You can make the card in one color or use multiple colors, in the end it will look amazing.

Paper Strip Tree Christmas Cards for Kids

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This project is great as a recycling craft because you can use up scrap paper.

The cards will look great if you also use newspaper – you can leave it as is, or you can ask the kids to paint it green (watercolor is great for these types of projects).

Paper strip Christmas card ideas

How to make Christmas cards with paper strips

What you need:

  • Card
  • scrap green paper
  • brown paper
  • Contrast paper as background (optional)
  • paper for stars
  • glue
  • drag

Instructions step by step

If you don’t have a blank card, making it is really easy.

Take a sheet of paper (letter-sized or A4-sized construction paper) and fold it in half.

Cut along the fold to get two rectangles.

Each of those rectangles, when folded in half, will form a card.

If you want to make a contrasting base for the card, cut a rectangle slightly smaller than the base – this will highlight the edges of the card.

Cut a small brown rectangle to make the base of the tree.

Glue it to the bottom of the colored paper rectangle.

Start cutting or tearing strips of green paper.

You can use one color or several different colors for this project.

Apply glue along the paper strip.

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And stick it to the base,

Continue with other paper strips.

Just keep adding them, trying to form a triangle.

Until you are satisfied with the look of the tree.

Adding decorations, you can go simple like we did and just make a star…

..or you can also add decorations…

Last but not least, glue your creation onto the card base.

All has been done.

DIY Paper Strip Tree Christmas Card

Your paper tree Christmas card is just missing a note.

Paper Strip Tree Christmas Card

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