Cupcake Liners Christmas Tree Craft

So you’ve made a delicious cupcake but still have a few (green) cupcake liners left over? Let your kids make this Christmas tree craft using cupcake liners.

This is a fun project in itself, add a string to it and you will have a great looking DIY Christmas tree decoration.

Handmade Christmas tree cupcake liners for kids

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The wavy edges of the cupcake liners add to the look of this craft, however, if you want to choose a “greener” craft, you can use old newspapers or flyers and cut circles out of it.

Paint them green and you’re ready to go.

Cupcake lined Christmas tree

How to make handmade Christmas tree lined cupcakes

What you need:

  • Green cupcake liners
  • jumbo craft bar
  • pom pom fruit
  • paper for stars
  • glue

Step-by-step instructions

You will need 3 cupcake liners (or 2 if you use regular craft sticks).

Start by folding one of the cupcake liners in half and flattening it.

All subsequent steps are “rough estimates.” You don’t need to fold the liner like we did.

Take one corner of the folded cupcake liner (the right part in our case) and bring it down to the middle (roughly).

Run your finger on the first screen.

Open it and apply glue.


Press down to secure the glue.

Repeat with another cupcake liner.

With the third one, do the same but also fold the left corner towards the middle.

Open them both up and apply glue, folding them both over.

This is the smallest of our 3 folded cupcake liner triangles and will serve as the top of the mini Christmas tree.

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Take the craft stick and apply glue to the top half (where the cupcake liners will be attached).

Starting at the bottom, glue one of the larger cupcake liner triangles to the craft stick.

Next glue another large one on top of the first one.

Finland comes up with the smallest one.

Cut a star from yellow or yellow paper and glue it on top.

To make your tree look festive, add some decorations.

We think pom poms do the trick very well.

If you want to turn this Cupcake Liners Christmas Tree Craft into an ornament, attach yarn to hang on the back (use tape to secure).

Cupcake Liners Christmas Tree Craft Ideas

You can also add cupcake liners on the back so the decoration looks good from both sides.

Handmade Christmas tree cupcake liners

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