Dinosaur Paper Bracelets for Kids

If you have a dinosaur craft-loving kid in the house, they’ll go crazy for these dinosaur paper bracelets for kids.

We have T-rex and Triceratops, both of which are among the more popular dinosaurs among children.

Dinosaur paper bracelets for children

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Which do you think your child will like more?

Triceratops… or T-rex?

Dinosaur Paper Bracelet Templates for Kids

How to make dinosaur paper bracelets for children

What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

Print the template. You can print in black and white or in full color.

If you plan to have your child color this picture with crayons or colored pencils, regular printer paper will work (we still recommend using thicker paper/cardboard), for coloring with markers , you should use thicker paper.

Colors in the sample.

While the dinosaur can come in any color you want, we love the brown and green tones the most. Although pinkosaurus would be awesome too.

Cut out the template. Cut along the dotted line.

You’ll notice two dashed lines, one on each side of the bracelet, going halfway through the bracelet.

Cut along those dotted lines (remember to only cut in half).

Twist and roll the bracelet, aligning the two halves together and cutting one slit into the other. Easy easy!

Now pull it out and wrap it around your wrist. You can take off and wear this bracelet as many times as you like.

Printable dinosaur bracelets for kids to make

Get Dinosaur Paper Bracelets for Kids

Get T-rex

Printable dinosaur bracelet template

Get the Triceratops Bracelet

Printable dinosaur bracelets

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