Paper Weaving Turtle Craft for Kids

Summer is a great time to put your scissors skills to the test and what better way than by making this colorful Paper Weaving Turtle Craft.

Paper weaving is very popular with young children, and why wouldn’t it be – it’s easy and the end result looks great!

Paper Weaving Turtle Craft. Simple paper crafts for kids.

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Creating ocean animals is a great summer craft project – great for a rainy day or something to do at summer camp.

Turtles are one of those animals that (to craft) really become awesome when you make a shell out of woven paper.

Paper weaving turtle craft ideas

Just look at the colors of the seashells here – and you can make them even more colorful.

Paper Weaving Turtle Profession

So beautiful, isn’t it?

How to make Paper Weaving Turtle

What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

Print a template featuring turtle body parts.

You can also print out paper strip templates or let kids cut their own.

Cut out the turtle outline and shell outline

If you print a paper strip template, cut along the rectangular border.

Place the rectangle on top of two sheets of colored paper and cut around the border again.

Cut strips of paper (we made them purple and pink).

Start weaving paper. Glue two strips of paper (different colors) together at a right angle.

Next, glue all the strips of paper of the same color (in our case purple) to the strips of paper of the other color (in our case pink) – one strip of paper on top of the pink strip and the next strip of paper on the bottom (etc).

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Next, “weave” the remaining color in – over and under the first color.

For this project, you don’t need to add glue as you go.

Take the shell and apply glue to the entire surface (one side only).

Glue the woven paper onto the shell shape. Press down to secure the glue.

Turn around and cut along the outline (add glue if needed).

Apply glue to the shell.

Stick it on the turtle.

All has been done! You have completed your Paper Weaving Turtle Craft.

Turtle paper weaving craft for children

The sweetest turtle in town!

Turtle paper weaving craft for children

Get the Paper Weaving Turtle Craft Pattern

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