Paper Plate Shark Craft

If your kids are crazy about shark week, just try this fun paper plate shark craft project.

It’s such a fun product that we’re sure kids will play with it a lot once they make one of their own.

Shark Craft Paper Plates for Kids

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We all know sharks are very dangerous creatures, right? Do they have many sharp teeth exposed when they open their jaws? But not this guy, right? Just look at his happy smile.

We love making shark crafts at Easy Peasy and Fun (just check out our how to draw a shark tutorial or these sweet shark paper puppets) and we’re so happy that this lucky shark was join the ranks. Nothing can beat a friendly shark.

Simple paper plate shark crafts for kids

Handmade Shark Paper Plate

What you need:

  • two sheets of paper
  • two innocent eyes
  • blue acrylic paint
  • a pink acrylic paint
  • a glitter blue self-adhesive foam sheet
  • a sheet of sparkling white self-adhesive foam
  • glue
  • drag
  • pencil
  • The ruler is circular

Step-by-step instructions

Color a sheet of paper with blue acrylic paint (on both sides).

Let it dry.

Step 1

Color the remaining paper plate with some blue acrylic paint on the back and pink acrylic paint on the front.

Let it dry.

Step 2Mouth

Fold the second paper plate in half (the pink side should be on the inside because that is our shark’s mouth).

Step 3Tooth

Use a pencil to draw two rows of triangular teeth on the back of the white self-adhesive foam sheet, then cut them out.

Step 4

Apply a little glue on the rows of teeth…

Step 5

… and paste one row on the upper jaw and the other row on the lower jaw as shown in the picture.

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Step 6-1Eye

On the back of the blue self-adhesive foam, use a pencil to draw two eye shapes and cut them out.

Step 6

Apply some glue behind the googly eyes and place them on the blue foam board.

Here we have the eyes of a shark.

Step 7

Apply some glue at the bottom of the eye shapes and stick them on top of the head.

Step 8Attach the head

Apply some glue to the other half of the paper and attach the shark’s head to it. Let it dry.

Step 9


Draw a tail on the back of the blue foam and cut it out.

Step 10


Draw a shark fin, shaped like a rose, cut it out, then trace it onto the back of the blue foam, so you have two equal parts to glue together.

Step 11

Apply a little glue to the bottom of the shark’s fin and place it in the middle, above the shark’s body…

Step 12

…then put some glue on the shark’s tail and stick it to the end of the shark’s body, on the back of the paper plate.

Step 12-1

Draw some small circles (use a circle ruler) on the back of the white foam board.

Step 13

Cut them out and place them on the shark’s body.

Step 13-1


Now go around the house and show everyone your paper plate!

Shark Craft paper plates for kids

Wishing you successful manufacturing!

Paper plate shark crafts for kids

Project contributed by Ema P.

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