Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft

Halloween is a great holiday for making crafts, there are so many fun creatures and things to choose from – today we’ll show you how to make (spooky) pipe cleaner spider crafts. cutest.

Halloween Craft Paper Spider and Pipe Cleaner for Kids

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Spiders can be adorable and this Halloween craft is proof. Just look at those adorable little eyes!

Spider Craft Pipe Cleaner for Kids

Attach wires to these little guys and hang them from the ceiling. Very happy!

Spider Craft pipe cleaner

How to Manually clean pipes with spiders

What you need:

  • black cardboard
  • white cardboard
  • drag
  • glue
  • black lining
  • The ruler is circular
  • 2 pipe cleaning tools
  • circle punching machine

Step-by-step instructions

Punch out 8 black circles using a circle hole punch.

Fold 7 black circles in half.

Apply some glue to the two halves, then attach them together as shown in the picture. That will be the spider’s body.

Apply a little glue to the 8th circle.

Attach the spider body to the 8th circle.

Draw two big eyes on white cardstock (you can make them different sizes if you want). Use a circle ruler and black liner to draw the eyes, then cut them out.

Apply some hot glue behind the eyes and attach them to the body.

Cut 9 equal parts from the chenille stick.

Apply some glue to the back of the spider’s body and add 4 pipe cleaner parts (legs) on one side.

Add the remaining 4 parts of chenille to the opposite side of the stem.

Take the 9th pipe cleaner, then make an O shape and stick it in the middle with glue. Follow the image provided.

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Make folds at each end of the leg. All done! Ouch – oh!

These spiders are so adorable. You can make more of them using different colors if you want, then hang them around the house – we recommend using yarn for this.

Spider Craft paper and pipe cleaner

You can also attach wooden sticks to them and place them in a basket filled with snacks.

Spiders clean pipes

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more crafts!

Spider pipe cleaning craft for kids

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