Ghost Paper Finger Puppet

Making your own ghost paper finger puppets is easy, no super skills are needed and the ghost puppet will be made in minutes.

This is a fun Halloween craft for kids to make in the classroom or at home (especially on a rainy day).

Ghost paper finger puppet craft for children

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You don’t even need to learn how to draw a ghost to do this project.

Ghost paper puppet

How to make finger puppets with ghost paper

What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

Place two or three fingers on the paper and draw around them.

Draw a ghost shape around the outline of the fingers, leaving ample space around the outline.

Fold the paper – this way when you cut the ghost border you will get two identical borders.

Cut out the ghost border.

Apply glue to the edge of one of the ghosts, do not apply glue to the underside of the ghost as there will be an opening for the fingers there.

Glue the two ghost finger puppet parts together.

Drawing a spooky face on one side, scary, funny, or any other expression is fun.

You will have to wait until the glue is completely dry before moving on to the next step. Once dry, push the puppet onto your finger.

All has been done.

Making paper ghost finger puppets

Have fun playing with your spooky finger puppets.

Making paper ghost finger puppets

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