Ghost Art for Kids (potato stamping)

You shouldn’t eat a potato once it’s fully sprouted, but that doesn’t mean you should throw it away – why not use it to make spooky art for kids? Stamping potatoes is one of the most fun activities children can do in kindergarten and preschool.

Spooky art for children

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DIY ghost potato stamping art

Now, grab your potatoes and make some ghosts!

Make your own potato stamping spooky Halloween art

How to make spooky art for kids (potato stamping)

What you need:

  • pencil
  • knife
  • black paper
  • White paint
  • paint brush
  • potato

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

Cut the potatoes in half with a knife. If you want your child to do the cutting, it needs to be supervised and age-appropriate tools should be used.

Step 1

Have your child draw a spooky picture on half of a potato.

Step 2

Ghosts need a smile and beautiful eyes.

Step 3

Cut along the outline of the ghost shape. Older children can cut themselves (with a child-safe knife) into their own shapes because potatoes do not require sharp tools to shape. For young children, this step should be performed by an adult.

Step 4

Cut off the potato border around the ghost.

Step 5

Make incisions for the smile and eyes.

Step 6

The potato stamp ghost is ready!

Step 7

Have your child just color the embossed ghost with white paint or have him dip the potato stamp in the paint.

Step 8

They can start stamping on the black paper.

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Step 9

If the ghost isn’t very bright, have your child apply more paint to the potato stamp.

Step 10

They can imprint their ghosts on a black background.

Step 11

Each person is unique!

Step 12

Do your kids love stamping their ghosts?

DIY potato ghost stamping art

Wishing you a happy Halloween together!

DIY spooky art for kids

And keep crafting!

Ghost art ideas for kids

Ghost art for children (potato stamping)

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