Easy Leaf Printing Art for Kids

Fall brings a wealth of materials for crafting, and one of the most versatile is autumn leaves. This easy leaf art for kids is one of the most fun fall art projects you can do with kids of all ages, it’s easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers. educational as well as interesting enough that older children can enjoy it too.

Your child will use the leaves as stamps to create a wonderful autumn forest scene.

Easy leaf printing art for kids

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This is a low-prep fall craft for kids because unlike many other leaf crafts, this one doesn’t require leaves to be completely dry. You can use dry leaves or green leaves, in fact it is better if the leaves are not completely dry.

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How to make easy leaf art for kids

What you need:

  • a sheet of paper (plain paper or drawing paper)
  • paint (non-toxic paint works well, acrylic paint also works well)
  • paint brush
  • brown marker (optional)
  • Oval leaves of various sizes

Step-by-step instructions

If you are working with young children, you can secure the paper by taping it to the table. Regular printer paper will work, but it’s best to use heavier paper to avoid curling (special sulfite paper works especially well).

Paint the surface of the leaf with a paintbrush. The most suitable colors for this autumn scene are red, orange, yellow and brown.

Press the painted leaf face down on the paper to create a leaf shape.

If your leaf print isn’t clear enough, add more paint. If you’re teaching young children and it takes them a while to paint the entire leaf (and the paint dries in the meantime), add water to the paint to thin it out a bit and it will dry more slowly.

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Go ahead, overlap prints or separate them, using different colors.

Once your child is happy with how their leaf stamping art is going, it’s time to paint the tree’s trunk and branches.

The easiest way to do it is to use a brown marker, however, children can also use a paintbrush. If you are doing this project with toddlers, you may need to do this part for them.

Draw a line along the midrib of the leaf for the stem. You can use leaf veins as a guide to draw branches.

There’s only one finishing step left: painting or painting the ground with light brown paint. And that’s it, this easy leaf print art for kids is complete.

Easy leaf stamping art

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