Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages (Many Free Printables)

From cute turkeys to pumpkin pies, this wonderful collection of printable Thanksgiving coloring pages will take your kids (or you) on a wonderful themed coloring adventure. autumn theme.

These Thanksgiving printables are great to relieve boredom after Thanksgiving dinner, and they’re a great little activity to do in the classroom. We are sharing many of these Thanksgiving coloring pages for free. Just save and print!

Printable Thanksgiving coloring pages for kids

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Thanksgiving coloring pages printable

Our fall themed set includes 30 Thanksgiving coloring pages plus 10 great designs offered as free Thanksgiving coloring pages.

We’ve designed them to be suitable for all ages, so you’ll find products that are super easy with small details to more complex products that older children and all members of the family will enjoy. The family will enjoy. Many designs focus on gratitude.

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Free printable Thanksgiving coloring pages

Raise your hand if you love free printables. We know we do, so here’s a selection of some of the best free printable Thanksgiving coloring sheets. Just click the large button below each to open the PDF file and print or save on your computer. Many of these activities can be used as mindful Thanksgiving activities.

Tip: set the printer to print them half size and one per page and you can create sweet Thanksgiving cards.

Fun Turkish coloring pages


This cute turkey is ready to celebrate! This design ties fall with Thanksgiving perfectly. You have a turkey, a bunch of leaves, and a bunch of pumpkins. What’s not to love?

Harvest basket

The joy of Thanksgiving

This abundance can come alive with many colors.

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Happy Thanksgiving coloring pages

Türkiye Day greeting paper

You can wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving or you can say Happy Türkiye Day and the kids will have a blast. That’s why they will love this design.

Happy vacation

Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s another callout where kids can use fall-inspired colors. This page will become eye-catching once they color the background.

Thanksgiving Türkiye Coloring Page

Silly Türkiye Coloring Pages

Want fun and easy Thanksgiving coloring for preschool and kindergarten? This silly turkey will do the trick!

Happy Thanksgiving design

Happy Thanksgiving coloring pages

Children of all ages will love this design. Children can use a variety of colors to make the “Happy Thanksgiving” message, pumpkins, and overflowing apple basket come to life.

Türkiye with pilgrim hat

Turkish baby wearing a hat

With a vibrant color palette, kids can turn this turkey into a stylish and eye-catching masterpiece, showcasing their artistic talent.

Thanksgiving pumpkin

Pumpkin and leaves

Pumpkin coloring pages with falling leaves are perfect for a relaxing coloring day.

Türkiye and pumpkin

Thanksgiving Türkiye and pumpkin coloring page

What do we have here? A turkey happily sits behind a plump pumpkin, hugging it with its feathers in a warm embrace. Have your child color both!

Türkiye with pilgrim hat

Run Turkish coloring sheet

This free printable coloring page is a simple one. Kids can use crayons, markers, or other coloring tools to make it pop!

Member’s Thanksgiving coloring pages

We’ve got even more great Thanksgiving coloring pages, print out all 30 designs (all in one handy PDF) and let kids color them all!

See a preview of what awaits you in full.

This entire set is exclusive to members, so log in to your account and download the worksheets. If you’re not a member yet, we invite you to become a member and get access to all of our exclusive content.

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Abundant coloring pages

Festivals abound

Have children color a beautiful Thanksgiving scene with fall foliage and symbolic elements of the season.

Turkey with feathers coloring page

Turkish color palette

These birds are truly unique with their spectacular, oversized plumage.

Thank you coloring page

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving coloring page

Children will embrace the spirit of gratitude as they add vibrant color to a “Thank You” sign surrounded by fallen leaves. This is a perfect way to celebrate this holiday season.

Pumpkin cake

Pumpkin cake on a plate

They can make this dessert look even more appealing with their artistic skills.

Gobble Gobble coloring page


Our friendly bird is waving and spreading Thanksgiving cheer with the cheerful greeting “gobble, gobble.”

Happy Thanksgiving

Pumpkin frame

The Happy Thanksgiving coloring page brings you a caption surrounded by a field of pumpkins, awaiting your child’s artistic expression.

Pumpkin cart

Happy Thanksgiving pumpkin cart

Pumpkins on carriages are a typical sight around the Thanksgiving holiday. Ask children to make the entire coloring page as colorful as they want.

Slices of pumpkin pie

Slices of pumpkin pie

Does your child like pumpkin pie? Have your kids color two slices of this delicious pumpkin pie with some whipped cream.

Thanksgiving coloring pages

Turkish coloring pages

Kids can choose their favorite colors and use them to fill out an entire page featuring a chubby turkey.


I'm so grateful for coloring the page

Each of these five pumpkins has an inviting space for children to write down what they are grateful for. It’s a great way to think about gratitude. These printable activity sheets can be used as Thanksgiving placemats to keep kids busy while they wait for food.

Thanksgiving collage

Pumpkin cake and leaves

We’ve got 12 festive images for kids to color in – each pumpkin pie, autumn leaf and pumpkin can be colored differently.


Turkish Party

Young artists can get into the Thanksgiving spirit by painting a big, fun turkey center stage. Above him is a party banner that says “thank you” and would look great in vibrant colors.

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Radiant Sunflowers

Thanksgiving color palette

We have another beautiful Thanksgiving page featuring a pumpkin in the center surrounded by three bright sunflowers, all with a “thank you” caption.

Pumpkin essence

Thanksgiving desert

In the foreground is a sweet piece of pumpkin pie lying on a plate with two plump pumpkins behind it. This is a great page to color for Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin cake

Pumpkin pie coloring page

Here’s a neat Thanksgiving coloring sheet with a top-down view of a pumpkin pie, leaving an attractive space.

Devour the joy

Gobble Gobble Türkiye Color Palette

Our cheerful turkey is inviting kids to add more color.

Pumpkin with vines

Thanksgiving pumpkin coloring page

Winding vines and leaves of a giant pumpkin will be very useful to keep children busy.

Pile of pumpkins

Pile of pumpkins

Using creative color, kids can bring this festive scene to life – a collection of piles of pumpkins and a proud turkey.

Ride a pumpkin cart

Türkiye on a pumpkin cart

We have another brilliant coloring page for kids – a friendly turkey perched on a rustic pumpkin cart!

Delicious pumpkin pie

Large pumpkin pie

Using lots of orange and yellow, youngsters can highlight the indulgent appeal of this Thanksgiving dessert.

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