Printable Bugs Finger Puppets

With all the joy this warm season brings, it’s the perfect time to make some fun insect crafts. Enjoy the outdoors or indoors by playing with our cute printable insect finger puppets!

Kids will surely enjoy coloring, making and playing with these adorable little animals.

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Nature is already filled with all sorts of insects and other small creatures, so take a cue from these adorable animals by creating your own playset.

We’ve never met a kid who didn’t love insects, or at least some kind of them. For that reason alone, we knew this finger puppet set would be really fun (and why not pair them with our other printable insect puppets)!

There are two different bug finger puppets on each page, for a total of 6 bugs. There is a butterfly, an ant, a grasshopper, a bee, a ladybug, and a spider.

These finger puppets are great paper toys and easy to assemble, and will make the perfect decoration inside or outside your home when playtime is over.

We guarantee these puppets will fit fingers of all sizes because for each puppet you simply cut the “body” to fit your little finger or big finger (so kids, parents, teachers can make/give them – just think story time).

Are you ready to be a bug? Let’s get started!

Printable Bug Finger Puppets Craft

How to Make Printable Bug Finger Puppets

What you need:

  • our printable template (get it at the end of this guide)
  • thicker printing paper (regular paper is fine, but thicker paper will make the puppet more durable)
  • coloring materials
  • drag
  • glue
  • clothespin optional
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Printable Bug Finger Puppets Crafts for Kids

Follow the step-by-step instructions below

Print out all the printable insect finger puppets or choose the insect puppet you want to make – you’ll find the printable craft template at the end of this tutorial.

Color all the parts of the insect using your favorite coloring tools (we like markers). We’ll show you how to make a bee puppet, but the steps are pretty much the same as any of the other insects in this printable pack.

There are 4 body circumferences you can choose from, depending on your finger size, choose the most suitable circumference.

Color the body along the first dashed line, you can color according to the pattern or just color along the dashed line to fit the finger size. We color the body along the second dashed line to fit the slightly thicker finger.

Cut out all the parts of the bee finger puppet. As shown below, we have cut the body at the second dashed line to make the body of the bee thicker.

Apply some glue to the “GLUE” area on the head and hold it tight. We help ourselves with a clothespin.

It’s time to glue the body of the beetle together. At this point, you can still adjust the circumference of the body to fit your finger.

Let the glue dry for a while.

What you need to do now is connect the body and head of the beetle – use the “HEAD & BODY LINK” piece of paper and glue it to the body “tube”.

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Apply some glue to the remaining part of the “link” and glue the beetle head to it.

Use your fingers to press firmly or use a small clothespin to do this.

Your insect finger puppet is finished!

Enjoy creating the entire bug set and have fun!

Printable Finger Puppet Crafts

Printable Finger Puppets

Print these adorable puppets now

Bugs Finger Puppets

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