Printable Colorful Quiet Book

You really can’t have enough activity books. We’re adding this colorful printable quiet book to our activity book collection and you’re going to love it.

From matching teardrop shaped bugs to arranging colorful moons.

Quiet colorful printed books - Fun learning activity books for children

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The main characters in this activity book are Mr. Cloud, The Raindrop Mimic Mimi, The Alphabet Star, Mr. Rainbow Critter, Silly Moon and Miss Sunny.

Colorful quiet books for children

You will have a great time playing with them, learning and laughing.

Colorful Quiet Books for Children

This printable book focuses on emotions, colors, numbers, animals, letters and insects.

Colorful Quiet Books for Children

You will need to print out the available template, then laminate + punch and attach the spiral at the end.

What you need to put together our colorful printable quiet book

  • Our colorful printable quiet book
  • laminator and laminating pouch (for insert pages you can also use protectors)
  • printer and paper (thicker printing paper is recommended)
  • drag
  • Velcro dot
  • glue

Materials used

Now let’s assemble the pieces.

Printable multi-color quiet guidebook with activity pages

Emotional cloud

First is Mr. Cloud. This guy has really strong emotions throughout the day and at night he needs a good night’s sleep.

Step 1-1

But if we don’t help children recognize those emotions, they will be alert and irritable.

We don’t want that, do we? Then let’s help Cloud feel better.

Colorful Quiet Book for Children

Count the rays of the sun

Second is Miss Sunny. She has trouble with math.

Step 2-1

Will you help her count the rays so she can shine without worry?

Step 2-2

Moon color matching

Third is Silly Moon. Oh my God.

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Just look at her eyes. She rolls her eyes like this because she’s a little confused about the color we painted her.

Step 3-2

Place her in suitable colored molds so she can emit light at night and feel comfortable.

Step 3-3

Lowercase and uppercase letters

Fourth is The Alphabet Star.

Step 4

Oh, we’re on step four. Help her connect the letters of her parents’ big alphabet with the small letters so they can shine brightly in the dark sky.

Step 4-1

Fits the errors

Fifth is The Raindrop Mimic Mimi. We call her that because she imitates many different insects.

Step 5

And now she mixes things up.

Put her in the right insect nest so she doesn’t cry day and night.

Step 5-6

Animal Puzzle

And finally, Mr. Rainbow Critter.

Step 6-1

If you help him match the animals correctly, he will be forever grateful and appear more often to say hello.

Step 6-3

All has been done!

Colorful Quiet Book for Children

Hope you find this project intriguing.

Printable colorful activity books for children

See you soon everyone. Stay tuned!

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Colorful printable activity book

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