Printable Colorful Summer Quiet Book

Summer brings us a fun new activity book, dive deep into the sea with this colorful printable quiet summer book.

The activities in this program are aimed at late kindergarten and first grade.

Colorful Summer Quiet Book - Fun learning activity book for children

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We know you love the printable books we offer on Easy Peasy and Fun, so today we created another one for you.

This place is summer themed and your kids will have a great time exploring.

What do you need to make this summer activity book?

  • Our printable summer activity books
  • Laminating machine and laminating bags
  • protect options page
  • adhesives
  • paper and printer
  • Velcro dot
  • drag

Print out all the pages you will be using. Tape them together or use page protectors. You can also use them as worksheets and have your child cut and paste the activities.

Let’s us begin!

Printable Summer Quiet Book Walk-through the Activity Pages

Roll out the paper plates, punch holes and attach the spiral.

Summer activity book

Cut the remaining part along the black lines.

Step 1

3D Sand Castle Shape Combination

First, let’s go to the 3D castles. We have cube castles, pyramid castles, cylindrical castles, rectangular castles, spherical castles, and conical castles.

Step 0

Place each piece on its border. Each castle must match the flag color.

Step 1-1

Count from 1 to 100 with Pearls

There are a lot of little pearls on the beach, right? We have collected a hundred pearls, so the next step is to count the pearls and place them according to their outline.

Each pearl has a number on it.

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You should match the symbols to the numbers you wrote. We start at one and end at one hundred. This one is difficult to assemble, but kids love the little pearls.

Step 2-2

Color wheel – Complementary color schemes using shells

This is Miss Cockle. We need to place her on each color border.

Step 3

Then follow the arrows and you will learn each pair of complementary colors.

Step 3-1

Color Mixing – Learning about Secondary Colors

Fourth is Mr. Bunny Man. Help him paint his surfboard and paddle.

On this page we will learn which color is the result of mixing two colors.

Step 4

You will need to combine colors to complete the surfboard, paddle, and Bunny Man.

The basic colors are red, blue and yellow. By mixing them, we get secondary colors – purple, orange and green.

Step 4-1

Marine Animal Identification

The fifth is Mr. Jar. He caught some sea animals and put them inside so they wouldn’t swim away.

Step 5

This way we can learn to recognize them. Place each sea animal on its outline.

Step 5-1

What to bring when going to the beach – Accessories

Finally, there is Mr. Donut. What does he need to bring when going to the beach?

Step 6

Place each object in the mold and say the words out loud as you complete this task.

Step 6-1

Stay tuned for more interactive books!

Colorful printable summer activity books for kids

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Colorful printable summer activity books

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