Printable DIY Paper Clip Bookmarks

Like reading? Absolutely yes, but we love something even more – a nice bookmark! Printable DIY paperclip bookmarks.

This fun craft for kids and kids at heart can also make a great DIY gift.

DIY Paper Clip Bookmarks for Kids

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Surely you have watched many documentaries about animals, right?

What do you think about the animals there, are they cute, funny and interesting, making silly faces, smiling and sticking out their tongues?

Do you see that?

We have a small fluffy cat and a stuffed rabbit at home. This is a strange combination, but they go well together.

DIY paperclip bookmarks for kids to make

While doing this project, why not start a fun conversation about animals with your children or students. What are some of your favorite animals? Why do you like those animals? Can you draw and color them?

Class idea for making bookmarks using homemade paper clips

Can you keep any of these in your home?

The more questions the better!

Ideas for making your own classroom paper clips for children

Now how to create animal clip bookmarks? These are frugal, easy and fun!

Gather your tools and get started.

How to make your own bookmark with a paper clip

What you need:

  • our printable template (get it at the end of the guide) Animal bookmarks
  • 10 large paper clips in different colors (we used 5cm long ones for this project)
  • colored pencils or crayons
  • white cardboard
  • hot glue gun (low temperature glue gun for kids) – always have adult supervision when using glue gun and scissors.
  • drag


Step by step guide

Print the animals on white cardboard and cut them out as shown.

Step 1

Using your colored pencils…

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Step 2

…and color all the animals. Crayons or markers will work just as well.

If you have a group of younger children doing this project, we recommend having them color the images before cutting them out.

Step 2-1

Apply a little glue to the top of each paperclip and place the animal on it.

Step 3

Flip the paper animal over, then glue to the back.

Step 3-1

Wait for the glue to dry.

Step 3-2


Step 3-3

Now, you probably have your favorite illustrated comic book somewhere in your house, right?

Let’s glue the animal paper clips we made today onto the pages or covers of our books.

Simple DIY Paper Clip Bookmark

That’s where all the paper animal clips are – on storybooks.

It is their residence, their home zoo.

DIY paperclip bookmarks for kids

Have fun coloring and stay tuned for more!

DIY Paper Clip Bookmark Ideas for Kids

Have fun!

DIY paper clip bookmark ideas for kids

Get the printable DIY Paperclip Bookmark here

Project contributed by Ema.

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