Rocket Mothers Day Craft

Say I love you to the Moon and back with our adorable Rocket Mothers Day Craft and it’s a photo op (or a drawing one).

This cute craft for kids would make a great gift for Mother’s Day (or the upcoming Father’s Day).

I Love You to the Moon and Back Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

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This cute project will look great displayed on the refrigerator! This is a 3D paper craft so it will be beautiful when viewed from all different angles.

Use your child’s photo or have them draw a little self-portrait of themselves and let them fly into space and make this Mother’s Day craft truly memorable.

Rocket Mother's Day Craft Ideas

How to make mother’s day crafts using rockets

What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

Print out the manual template.

If you print the template in black and white, have kids color in the background (can be printed on blue paper!), the parts of the spaceship, and the moon.

Cut out a spaceship, moon, rectangular strip of paper, and optionally a rectangle with the image Mom, I love you to the Moon and back! letter.

Children can also write their own text in the box on the background.

The rocket will need to be cut a little further, cut along the full lines on the exhaust flare.

Also cut out the inside of the large circle (window) on the rocket. Gently pinch in the middle and make the first cut, then go from there, working your way up.

Fold along the dashed lines.

Fold the blank parts inwards (as shown in the picture).

And the fins are on the outside (as shown).

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Also fold the exhaust flame (accordion).

Paste the image inside the circle onto the background.

Take the background and apply glue to the areas marked with the word glue.

This step is better done before gluing the rocket ;).

Glue the rocket to the background.

Write a message in the box or stick it on our box.

Take the small rectangle and glue the ends together, forming a loop.

Glue the small paper circle onto the small circle on the background.

Apply glue on top of the wire loop and stick the Moon on it.

All has been done!

Rocket Mother's Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Your Rocket Mothers Day Craft is ready to be given or displayed.

Mother's Day Rocket

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