Happy Paper Flower Craft

Spring is the time of flowers and today we will show you how to make happy paper flowers. We think, if flowers can express their feelings, spring is the time when they will be the happiest.

So let’s make these flowers smile.

Craft paper and flower straws for kids

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Flowers are a great spring craft theme for kids, if they are happy flowers then even better.

Happy confetti for children

While we are making happy flowers, you can let the children create many other emotions and expressions.

Happy paper flowers for children to make

That way, this craft will be a great addition to the emotional theme.

Happy paper flowers for children to make

Your child can even associate emotions with colors, making the crazy flower red, the sad flower blue, etc.

Happy confetti for children


Happy confetti for children

Create a garden full of emotions.

Happy confetti for children

This was a really cute and fun project to make.


Plus, this project is not demanding and will bring lots of smiles in your home or classroom.

Happy confetti for children

Are you ready to create with us?

How to make a happy paper flower

What you need:

  • round awl
  • colored paper (green for leaves and two more colors for flowers)
  • sharp eyes
  • Pipe cleaning tool 1/2
  • glue
  • black lining

Materials used

Let’s start!

Instructions step by step

Cut 10 circles of the same color and fold them in half.

Step 1

Take two, apply some glue and place them inside each other as shown in the picture.

Step 2

Make four more petals.

Step 3

Carve out a circle of different colors, apply a little glue on it and stick five petals on it.

Step 4

Punch another circle of the same color and place it on the petals, on the opposite side.

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Step 5

Take a pair of googly eyes and add them.

Step 6

Draw the mouth with a black liner.

Step 7

Take ½ chenille stick, apply a little glue on it and attach it to the flower as a stem.

Step 8

Punch two green circles and fold them in half.

Step 9

Apply some glue to the leaves and stick them to the chenille stick.

Step 10

All has been done!

Happy confetti for children

This project is definitely one of our favorites.

Happy confetti for children

Now make the flower sway and have fun!

Happy confetti for children

That’s all for today.

Keep stable!

Happy paper flower craft ideas

Project contributed by Ema.

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