Printable Gingerbread House Treat Bag

Printable gingerbread bags are the perfect addition to any gift. It’s the perfect size to add a candle, chocolate or a fun note!

Spreading holiday cheer just got a whole lot easier with this DIY gift basket idea.

Printable gingerbread bags

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If you’re busy planning all the Christmas celebrations and doing Christmas crafts with the kids, why not add this adorable tote bag to your list? It’s a guaranteed way to spread joy!

Want more gingerbread house ideas? You’ll love our printable Gingerbread House card – it just might make the most heartfelt Christmas card ever.

Gingerbread House Gift Box

How to make paper gingerbread bags

What you need:

  • printable
  • template
  • drag
  • glue
  • color supplies

Step-by-step instructions

Go ahead and print out the instructions.

Step 1

Step 2

Take the gingerbread house and start folding it according to the instructions.

Step 3

You can also start the gluing process once you’re sure you’ve got everything in place.

Step 4

Start by closing the edges.

Go ahead and close the top of the box.

Step 6

The bottom of the box should also be tightly closed!

Step 7

Glue the gingerbread house to the front of the gift box. Have fun with this part! The end result will be very interesting and it won’t take much effort to get there.

Step 8

Make sure you press firmly to ensure the front of the gingerbread house sticks. You can even add candy pieces to the front of this gingerbread cake if you want! Be creative with how you choose to complete the project!

Paper gingerbread house surprise basket

The end result will be a gingerbread gift house that you can easily add gifts to and distribute during the holiday season!

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Paper gingerbread house gift basket ideas

Get your printable gingerbread house gift bag template here

Paper Gingerbread House Gift Basket

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