Printable Lion Coloring Pages – 30 Sheets

Calling all fans of The Lion King or lions in general, as we have tons of cute printable lion coloring pages to share with you. Explore a variety of designs, from cute to more practical; You will find the right lion coloring page for your child or yourself.

Like all of our coloring pages, designs vary from easy to color (perfect for toddlers or preschoolers) to more detailed pages for older kids.

Printable lion coloring pages

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Printable lion coloring pages

Explore tons of lion coloring pages, from more realistic ones to cute cute ones, perfect for young children. And if you have an avid lion fan at home, be sure to show them this easy lion drawing tutorial – it will make them really happy when they learn how to draw a lion themselves.

Want even more fun coloring? Explore our entire collection of printable coloring sheets.

Free printable lion coloring pages

Enjoy these free printable lion coloring pages; Click the “Get it here” button under each page and print away.

Easy lion coloring pages

Easy lion coloring pages for preschoolers and toddlers

Kicking off the collection we have a lion coloring page perfect for toddlers – the large easy-to-color spaces are perfect for coloring with crayons.

King of the jungle

Big lion coloring page

This lion coloring page has enough large space for coloring that little hands will have no problem with it. Older kids can also add some background details to make it look cooler.

Smooth mane

Lion coloring page

Let kids take a break from the screen and relax with this relaxing lion coloring page that will put them in a peaceful state of mind.

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The lion smiled

Lion coloring sheet for Pre-K

Isn’t this printable lion coloring page fun?

Mountain roar

Roar in the mountains

Get ready to roar with this ferocious lion coloring page!


Stupid lion

Let creativity fly as your child adds color to the king of the jungle; From bushy manes to goofy eyes, the possibilities are endless!

Lion cub

Young lion

There’s nothing better than a lion with a radiant smile.

Lion & Flower

Fun lion coloring sheet

This will bring a smile to your child’s face. Isn’t this lion picking flowers adorable?

Lion cub

Lion coloring page

This is great for kids who are practicing their spelling.

Majestic cat

Sitting Lion

The large space for coloring makes this picture perfect for toddlers or kids in preschool and kindergarten.

Member lion coloring page

You can preview the whole thing here and grab it from the members gallery. There are tons of great designs available (not to mention all the other exclusive features you can grab from our membership library). The entire lion coloring set has up to 30 designs to color!

Wild cat

Lion and Leaf

Let your child get lost in the intricate details of this beautiful lion coloring page and watch your creativity soar!

Lion cub

Cub coloring page

Sometimes being stupid is the best thing.

Adult lion

Realistic lion coloring page

Whether your child prefers realistic coloring or a more imaginative approach, this lion coloring sheet is sure to delight!

Friends With A Butterfly

Little lion cub

This little lion was surprised when a butterfly landed on his nose. Super sweet.

Explore the world

Little lion explores

Is this person hunting for something? Whatever it might be?

Sit patiently

Lion coloring sheet

Simple and sweet!

Lions roar

Lions roar

Let kids go into the wild and unleash their inner artist with this beautiful lion coloring page.

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Wild lion

Lion coloring sheet

Encourage your child to draw the background for this design.

Jumping cat

Jump over the river

Let children immerse themselves in the beauty of the wild and let their imaginations run wild as they color in this beautiful lion coloring page.

In the forest

Happy lion coloring page

The possibilities are endless with this lion coloring sheet – add some biodegradable glitter, experiment with watercolor, or keep it classic with crayons and markers!

Lion coloring sheet

Coloring the lion

From piercing eyes to regal manes, our lion head coloring sheets are perfect for little hands.

Happiness in the wild

Happy lion color palette

What will this lion do with the leaves? Let your child tell you the story.

Lion heart

Lion in love

Spread the love with this heartfelt cute lion coloring page.

Lion King

The lion king coloring page

Take a walk on the wild side and discover the beauty of the African savannah.

Conquer the mountain

Lion on the mountain

This lion is not only the king of the jungle but also the king of the world.

Hunting cats

lion hunting

Another friendly lion waiting to be brought to life with color.

I’m Savannah

Lion of the Savannah coloring sheet

This is a great way to introduce your children to the wonders of the animal kingdom and instill a love of wildlife and conservation.

Among the flowers

Cubs and flowers

Lots of flowers in the background to color. Let the kids draw more!

Big roar!

Lion Cub Roars

The lion said: “Roar”!

Adorable little boy

Lion cabinet

From the playful expression to the soft tail, this lion illustration is full of personality and is waiting for your child to show off his or her own flair!

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