Printable Mother’s Day Flip Book

Are you ready to celebrate the best Mother’s Day with your class? We have fun printable Mother’s Day flip book templates available for you.

Just print it out, let the kids fill in the pages (there are prompts here to help), and tape the pages together to make a fun gift for their mom.

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This Mother’s Day craft is totally easy and personal. That’s why we love it as a classroom craft.

DIY flip book gift for mom

It makes kids think. And they can write and draw, which is always a plus.

DIY printable Mother's Day flip book

How to Make a Mother’s Day Flip Book

What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

Print out the sample sheets. You can use regular printer paper for this. Have your child cut out the pages of a Mother’s Day flip book.

Step 1

You can ask children to fill in the pages first (best option if working with younger children) or let them assemble the book first.

Step 2

Apply glue on top of the pages and stick them one on top of the other (with the largest page on the bottom).

Step 3

Continue until all the pages are gathered together.

Step 4

You can also use a stapler to staple the pages together (faster and less messy).

Step 5

If using glue, let it dry before continuing.

Step 6

Now have the children draw a portrait of their mother. Ask them to think about their mother’s favorite colors and such to make it more formal.

Step 7

Hair is where it shines the most.

Step 8

They always come out super cute.

Step 9

Now let your child fill in the pages with the help of the prompts on each page.

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Step 11

This personal touch will make the flip book a precious keepsake for their mothers.

Step 12

They can write anything they think of.

Step 13

Encourage them to compose a short poem for her.

Step 14

Once they’re done coloring, drawing, and writing, this Mother’s Day flip book for kids is ready to share with mom on their special day.

Mother's Day flip book for children

Enjoy this creative and heartfelt project and happy Mother’s Day!

Printable Mother's Day flip book ideas

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