Printable Reindeer Coloring Pages – Many Freebies

We have lots of fun printable reindeer coloring pages for kids to color in during the most fun time of the year.

These Christmas coloring pages will be loved by all Santa’s reindeer or Rudolph reindeer lovers because with 30 unique designs (10 pages available as reindeer coloring pages with free printable), there are more than enough sheets to color.

Reindeer coloring page

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Printable reindeer coloring pages

Christmas time is the happiest time of the year! We love making all kinds of Christmas crafts and sharing activity ideas for kids, especially reindeer.

After your kids have colored all the reindeer coloring pages, why not let them try drawing a picture themselves? We’ve got an easy-to-follow reindeer drawing tutorial that’s perfect for this.

Free printable reindeer coloring pages

Love freebies? We definitely can! That’s why we’re sharing 10 free printable reindeer coloring pages that you can easily print (just click the Get It Here button below the image to get the PDF).

Easy reindeer coloring pages

Christmas reindeer coloring page

Let your kids start their coloring journey with this cute and easy to color reindeer.

Reindeer coloring page

Happy deer coloring page

Looking for another simple design?

Easy reindeer coloring pages

Winter deer color palette

We have Rudolph the Reindeer right here!

Look at the stars

Rudolph the reindeer

To highlight this reindeer coloring page, children can color the background blue or black, creating an impressive effect.

Preschool reindeer coloring pages

Easy reindeer coloring pages

The large footprint and simple design are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers – let them color this baby reindeer with crayons, colored pencils or other coloring tools.

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Merry Christmas reindeer coloring page

Baby reindeer

This adorable reindeer is wrapped in a cozy scarf and is waiting for your child to add their favorite colors.

Christmas sweater

Reindeer in a sweater

Meet our stylish reindeer – he wears a beautiful woven sweater.

Take a selfie

Winter scene reindeer coloring page

What a beautiful winter landscape! Our reindeer are surrounded by a bright moon, twinkling stars, a blanket of snow and two pine trees.

Wear a Christmas wreath

Reinders and Christmas Wreaths

Our cheerful reindeer proudly wear Christmas wreaths around their necks.

Cute reindeer color palette

Reindeer wearing Christmas hats

Here’s another cute baby reindeer! Have kids color all the large areas with their favorite coloring tools!

Member’s reindeer coloring page

We have prepared 20 more reindeer coloring pages exclusively for our members.

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Festival outfit

Have children color another reindeer wearing a Christmas wreath around its neck.

Coloring pictures of Christmas deer

Wearing a Christmas necklace or wreath? Whatever your child decides, it will be.

Happy Design

Children may enjoy coloring this calm animal any color they like.

Christmas reindeer coloring page

Excited for some gifts to be opened? Our dear deer friend certainly is.

Let it snow

Have kids create a winter wonderland with this reindeer surrounded by snowflakes and pine trees.

Easy reindeer coloring pages

Our festive reindeer are dressed in fun Christmas costumes, ready to give your children an artistic touch.

Deer and Christmas tree

Ah, the smell of pine always reminds us of the Christmas season.

Dancer or Prancer?

Kids will love this reindeer coloring sheet!

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Santa hat and Christmas wreath

Have your kids color this adorable reindeer head coloring page, which shows the deer wearing a Christmas wreath around his neck.

Christmas lights around the antlers

Oh, oh! This reindeer has horns wrapped in Christmas lights.

Reindeer and snow

What a joyful scene! Let your kids color this charming reindeer and they’ll be ready for their snowy adventure.

Small gifts

Who’s excited to unwrap their gift?

Merry Christmas

Rudolph the reindeer wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Reindeer playing in the snow

Get ready for a moment of pure magic where the beauty of nature and the joy of the holiday season come together in perfect harmony – let your kids color the entire page!

Reindeer color palette

A cheerful baby with a bright red nose is waiting for your child’s colorful touch.

Cute tree and Christmas deer

Our festive friend is ready for Christmas. He wore a funny Santa hat and stood proudly in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Simple reindeer coloring pages for preschoolers

Need a super easy reindeer coloring page to color? This includes large areas for the youngest audiences.

Wearing bow

What a lovely sight! A baby reindeer wearing a bow! Kids will love this!

Simple reindeer coloring pages

Models with large open spaces will be very useful when working with preschoolers.

Reindeer color palette

Enjoy the festive spirit with this reindeer proudly showing off its unique antlers decorated with colorful Christmas decorations.

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