Disguise a Turkey as a Mermaid Craft Template

When you’re planning your Thanksgiving activities, a turkey in disguise is a must, and disguising a turkey as a mermaid craft will make this project easy (and fun). !).

Turkeys are frantically trying to disguise themselves to avoid becoming dinner, and with our free printable template, the disguise will be a success. This template also includes a writing prompt, so dressing up this turkey mermaid craft also encourages creative writing.

Since so many people are looking for a turkey this time of year, this turkey asked us to help her disguise herself neatly.

This is a great project to do at home or in the classroom because it’s a low-prep project that you can set up within minutes. Not too long ago we shared some turkey disguises and we’re really excited to add a mermaid to the rooster.

Disguise a turkey as a mermaid

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Easy camouflage Turkish mermaid craft pattern

Who doesn’t love a mermaid? These magical creatures are some of the most beloved children of all time, so dressing up as a turkey is a no-brainer.

What makes our crafts really stand out is that you can make the turkey camouflage and take off its camouflage! It’s fun and perfect for a Thanksgiving bulletin board display!

Türkiye disguised as a mermaid

How to disguise a turkey as a mermaid

Supplies you will need:

  • our printable template (you can get it at the end of this tutorial)
  • color supplies
  • glue
  • drag

We recommend using cardstock for this craft, but you can also use regular printer paper. However, if your child uses regular printer paper, crayons and colored pencils are great options for creating this craft, markers can wrinkle the paper.

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Step-by-step instructions

Have children color parts of the pattern. If you want the kids to do a “camouflage” turkey look, they will need to color two turkeys.

The form with the words “I am not a turkey, I am” written on it must be colored to look like a regular turkey.

Next, color the second turkey. Have children think about what a disguised turkey would look like when it disguised itself as a mermaid. For example, a turkey’s tail can be colored like a large seashell or blue to look like the ocean.

The turkey’s body can be any color your child wants – they can choose the same color as the turkey, the skin color, or even colors like green. Mermaids are after all fairy tale creatures so there are no rules about what they should look like.

Color a mermaid costume for a turkey.

Cut out all pieces; The turkey’s camouflage and outline are colored “mermaid ready”.

Start dressing up as a mermaid. Glue the tail onto the turkey, carefully covering the legs.

One more pair of seashes

A wig makes a difference for this type of makeup.

And a seashell to complete the look.

Disguise Turkey into mermaid craft model

If you’re just making a turkey disguised as a mermaid, you can get things done here, however, we think the next few steps will make a difference.

Take the “I am not a turkey, I am..” paper and fold it along the dotted line.

Apply glue to the folded part, below the turkey’s belly.

Stick a picture of a turkey disguised as a mermaid on top, lining up the turkeys.

Disguise Turkey into mermaid craft model

Camouflage turkey mermaid pattern

All has been done! Disguising the turkey as this mermaid craft allows the turkey to quickly disguise itself when needed. Add writing paper and create a fun wall display.

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